Everyone Is Texting Their “Number Neighbor” & The Results Are Unpredictably Hilarious

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Another day, another weird Twitter trend. If you've been on social media lately, you've probably noticed lots of tweets revolving around people's "number neighbors," usually involving screenshots of text interactions between two people. Whether you've already participated in this trend or not, get ready for these 20 "number neighbor" memes to take you on the wild ride of texting a stranger.

In case you're still unfamiliar with the term "number neighbor," let me fill you in. A number neighbor is someone who almost shares your same phone number, but just one digit off. So, for example, if your phone number is (555) 555-5555, your number neighbor's phone number could end in 4 or 6, just one digit off the original. Thanks to a new Twitter trend, though, people are actually texting their number neighbors to get to know the person with nearly the same phone number, and the responses people are getting to these texts are an absolute roller coaster of emotions. Like real neighbors, it appears that some number neighbors are funny and kind, others are rude and threatening, while others just downright ignore the interaction.

Before I get into some hilarious number neighbor memes and responses, allow my inner mom to take over for a bit and remind folks that it's not a good idea to share personal or sensitive information with strangers — over the internet, text, or IRL. If you do post a screenshot of your interaction with your number neighbor to social media, it seems to be best practice to block or blur the phone number out.

Without further ado, here are some of the best number neighbor memes and interactions.

Many number neighbor interactions actually went quite well. Twitter user @camilag1231 and their number neighbor got to exchange some Area 51 memes. One Twitter user, @ChrisFenton83, even secured a potential lawyer out of the interaction.

Other number neighbors weren't so friendly, like Twitter user @isnortnyquil's number neighbor who threatened to call the police if @itsnortnyquil kept texting, and Twitter user @youngkaileaa, whose number neighbor bluntly responded by saying, "delete my number."

Some people's number neighbors simply didn't respond, like Twitter user @holy_ksj who said "my number neighbors aren't replying" and shared a sad Squidward photo, and Twitter user @afr2n who asked "how are y'all getting your #numberneighbor to text you back."

And some people are still waiting on their number neighbors to text them first like Twitter user @nyahanto who wrote, "can my number neighbor just text me first im nervous" or Twitter user @gwydfam who asked the question many of us might be wondering: "okay but why haven't my number neighbors texted me first."

It seems like the number neighbors trend can lead to a few different things: an unpleasant interaction, a neutral exchange, or a new, amazing friendship that leads to you both raiding Area 51 together in September. Either way, the screenshots make for some pretty entertaining Twitter content.