These Scary Zoom Backgrounds For Halloween Feature Creepy Clowns & Zombies

VladGans/E+/Getty Images

As you're gearing up for virtual Halloween parties, it's time to find the perfect background to set the mood. If you're looking for something scary, there are plenty of ghoulish images you can use to add some ambiance to your call. From ghosts to zombies, here are 16 scary Zoom backgrounds to use for Halloween.

Get ready to put on your costume, cue up the music, and download a virtual background in celebration of the spooky holiday. You'll find plenty of choices on royalty-free image platforms and more. To download one of the images, click the download button on the image site or follow the link to Twitter and right-click to save.

1. Ritual Backdrop

With a bit of a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina vibe, this virtual background features a circle of candles, pumpkins, and a girl holding a creepy skull.

2. A Wall of Bloody Knives

This Zoom background is from Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. Creep out everyone on the video chat with a wall of bloody knives and cleavers. You'll need to download it via the official Twitter post.

3. Blood-Spattered Kitchen

Another creepy choice courtesy of Universal's Horror Nights is this background of a dimly lit kitchen. If you look close, you'll notice little blood spatters almost everywhere and a bloody handprint on the cabinet.

4. Zombie Doll

This scary Zoom background might successfully scare your friends, especially if they have a phobia of dolls. With a zombie-inspired doll, white eyes, and some blood spatter, it doesn't get much creepier, does it?


5. Abandoned House

This creepy abandoned house background features overgrown, bare trees, a cloudy sky, and a dilapidated home that looks like the perfect place for a haunting.

6. Scary Snake

If you're afraid of snakes, this background of a beige python in a tree branch at night will give you goosebumps.

7. Creepy Clown Video

If you're looking for a more interactive way to spice up your calls, you can also use a video background on Zoom. This video background from Pexels shows a creepy clown laughing in a worn-down room full of red light.

8. Spider in a Web

What's Halloween without spider webs and their inhabitants? This creepy spider background gives you a close look at a spider, crawling in its web.

9. Scarecrow

This scary Zoom background features a scarecrow that looks like it's going to jump right off the tree and chase you.


10. Forest of Ghosts

Another fun choice has a more subtle, creepy vibe. Substitute your old Zoom favorite for this background of three ghosts standing in a field outside of a forest.

11. Zombies

This Zoom background features three zombies trying to break into the room through a set of french doors. The outcome doesn't look so good, but it's sure to creep out your friends.

12. Girl in the Trees

This virtual backdrop looks pretty plain until you look closer at the dark-haired girl hugging the tree. Her eyes are completely black and she has goat horns on her head.

13. Unsettling Clown

This photo of a sinister clown is from Unsplash might make you do a double-take. Is it makeup or a mask?

Robert Zunikoff/Unsplash

14. Cemetery

This cemetery background for Zoom features old, unkept tombstones, barren trees, and moss, making the atmosphere perfect for graveyard spooks.

Enrique Meseguer/Pixabay

15. Pennywise

This background of Pennywise the clown from Stephen King's It is a good way to remind yourself of the scary moments in the movies.

16. Window with Skulls

Featuring a black and white photo of a pile of skulls casually stacked in a window in a suburban home, this scary background could easily set the tone for a party.