'13 Reasons Why' Fans Can't Get Over These Season 2 Plot Holes


13 Reasons Why has a complicated task of weaving together the lives of a ton of characters through various time periods and perspectives. For the most part, it succeeds in creating a cohesive story, but fans did pick up on some details that seemed like definite inconsistencies in the show's second season. Let's talk about the 13 Reasons Why Season 2 plot holes that are causing fans of the show to scratch their heads.

Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you have not finished Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why yet. One of the biggest revelations to come up in the second season of 13 Reasons Why is the fact that Hannah and Zach had an entire secret relationship throughout the summer before Hannah killed herself. When Zach admitted to the romance during his testimony in court, the viewers were just as surprised as all the characters in the show, because there had been no indication about Zach and Hannah ever being more than casual acquaintances throughout Season 1. In fact, the revelation was so shocking that many fans find it to be inconsistent with the first season.

As one Redditor pointed out, it just does not seem to add up that Hannah would make a tape about Zach stealing her complimentary notes after we saw him apologize for it afterwards and then begin a whole relationship with Hannah. Of course, we still see that Hannah is hurt by Zach after their relationship ends due to the fact that he kept her a secret from his friends, but him stealing her notes from communications class (the subject of his tape) really does not seem to bug her any more after they begin their relationship. It's possible that Hannah opted to keep her relationship with Zach secret on the tapes, and instead of saying why she was really upset with him she claimed it was something else, but what feels more likely is that the writers wanted to give Hannah a positive encounter with a boy, and with Zach getting a huge redemptive arc this season as the polaroid distributor, it made sense to retcon a caring romantic relationship between him and Hannah.


The nagging aspect of this for some fans is that the Hannah and Zach relationship actually could have made sense if the timeline were just flipped. If Zach and Hannah had dated prior to Zach stealing Hannah's notes, then her disappointment in his behavior would have made even more sense, and its inclusion on the tapes would have been even more justified.

But the Hannah and Zach thing is not the only major plot hole that is getting on fans' nerves about Season 2: There's also the case of Justin Foley and the Clubhouse. After getting a set of damning polaroids, Clay tracks down a shed behind the baseball field where the team would bring girls to sexually assault, which they referred to as the Clubhouse. Apparently, all the athletes at Liberty High know about the Clubhouse, but when Clay asks Justin about it, he assures him that he had never heard of it.


That just does not seem to make any sense. Justin was Bryce's best friend (since childhood, as we found out in the new season), and even though he may not have been on the baseball team, Justin was one of the star athletes at Liberty High. Not to mention the fact that Justin was known to bragging about his sexual exploits with women. If Bryce had a secret partying headquarters, then Justin would have been the first person he told. Either this is a plot hole, or Justin was lying to Clay's face to try to protect Bryce... which would completely change how his character came off this season.