10 People Reveal The Most Romantic Moments They Had With Their Crushes & I'm Sobbing

by Candice Jalili

Anyone who's ever had a crush will tell you what a real emotional roller coaster the whole process is really like. The whole time you spend totally enamored by this person is filled with special moments. There are the moments that make you question if this is really ever gonna happen. And then, for every one of those painstaking moments, there are the ones that remind you why you were so enamored with this person in the first place The ones that give you hope that this really could be it. Do you remember your first romantic moment with your crush? In a recent Reddit AskWomen Thread, ladies shared their most romantic moments with their crushes, and all I can say is, brace yourselves for a heartwarming trip down memory lane!

He planned a thoughtful date for them filled with sentimental value.
It was with a guy friend I had in college. We had liked each other while we were still in school and hung out a few times, but never really went for it. After I graduated, I moved back to my hometown. I would go back and visit my college town sometimes. One of those times, he asked to meet up, so I said sure (because, honestly I still had a crush on this guy). He picked me up, took me to his work building that had this really nice employee lounge on the top floor. When we got there, the views of downtown at night were spectacular. Then he surprised me with bottle of my favorite local root beer and he brought the movie we never got to finish- and started where we had left off. It was just so sweet! I appreciated how much thought he put into it and the little things he remembered.


They got to know each other talking on a top bunk like campers.
Me and my current SO were still just getting to know each other on a retreat. We were sitting on the edge of a top bunk but the ceiling was so low you couldn’t sit up straight. So we both lay down with our legs dangling over the edge and just talked for a while sitting like that, making each other laugh. It’s one of my favourite memories.


They shared a passionate kiss in secrecy.
Had a huge crush on a guy I worked with but didn’t really see him outside of work much so it was hard to make anything happen. One night I went out to the bar and he was the first person I saw. We hugged and said hi but then his friends pulled him away for something. As I was sitting with my friends at a big table on the side I was watching him walk through the crowd and he looked at me and we just stared at eachother for a long time then he walked up to my table and reached his hand out to me but still didn’t say anything. I grabbed it and (after getting all my friends to move out of the way because I was in the middle at the back) he led me down the hall to a secluded spot and we had the hottest first kiss ever. Then I just went back to my table like nothing happened and proceeded to black out and spent the night hugging the toilet. Romance in 2017.


He went out of his way to cheer her up when she was having a bad day.
My current boyfriend and I were still in the “talking” stage when this happened, and it was about three years ago. We were in college and he lived on the fourth floor of my dorm while I lived on the first. I had a bad day and was texting him about it, about 15 min later he showed up at my door with a caramel malt from sonic, my favorite icy treat. My roommate came back and asked me about it and I told her that he had brought it for me and she was all like “oooo I see you girl”


He delivered her lunch box when she left it at school.
He was a rather shy boy and was never the type to make grand gestures or proclamations. One day, I left my lunch bag at school. Hours after school ended, I heard a knock on my door. He was standing there with my lunch bag. He lived in the opposite direction from me and I knew driving over was an inconvenience. I realized then how much I really liked that boy.


They played in the rain for hours.
We ran around barefoot in the pouring rain for hours.


They slow danced in her room.
Right before my current BF & I started dating, there was one night where he was getting ready to leave my place. The only lights we had had on were some purple Christmas lights that made the room look so cozy. At the same time, I Swear This Time I Mean It by Mayday Parade was playing & we were just standing in the middle of my room just slow dancing to it & hugging/kissing goodbye. That was the night I told my friends that I knew I wanted to date him. One of my favorite memories we have.


They had a drunken heart-to-heart.
I was at a party and my current SO (then just crush) was also there. We both got pretty drunk and just ended up talking for hours about everything without worrying and this is one of the best nights of my life


They watched the sun rise together.
This was maybe a week before my SO and I became “official.” We happen to be from the same city, and said city is on Lake Michigan. At the time, we were both home for the holidays visiting our families. But on the morning after Christmas, I swung by his mom’s house, picked him up, and we drove to the waterfront to watch the sunrise together. This sunrise happened to be particularly stunning, and it was below 0 outside so that added to the feeling of coziness. 10/10 would watch again


They watched the Northern Lights together.
At 28 I was going through some diarys that I had written back when I was 14 and decided to hit up my "first love". We met for dinner. Couple days later another date and after a week I'm driving back to his home town to meet the folks. It seemed like we were moving fast, but it also seemed natural. On the way back from meeting his parents he pulls over and we get out of the car to watch the Northern lights. I thought my life was becoming a Nicholas Sparks film. Sadly for me he wasn't ready for a relationship, so it ended maybe a month later. Those first few weeks though were the happiest I had been in a long time and I'm looking forward to finding someone who can make me feel like that for the rest of my life.


Never forget that we all deserve this sort of romance in our lives, people!

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