Westworld III

There's A Hidden 'Westworld' Season 3 Trailer, Because Nothing With This Show Is Easy

by Ani Bundel

Westworld has, since the beginning, been just as much about the world build as it is the story. It had good reason, as the series is based on a 1970s era film. The plot added a few twists and turns, but what differentiated it more was the world, a living breathing extrapolation of our future. Season 2 played into that with both the main trailer and then a second, hidden trailer, which was only discoverable via a faux website for the Delos corporation. It shouldn't surprise fans that the hidden Westworld Season 3 trailers use the same tactic.

In between HBO's launch of the initial trailer for Westworld III back in July and the new one titled "Your World," it also brought online a new faux website, tied into the universe of Earth circa 2050. This year's site isn't for the Delos corporation. (They're having a few, technical difficulties after the events of Season 2.) Instead, it's for Incite, another in-universe technology company, and one of Delos' main competitors. The site even has a corporate-speak laden advert explaining what it does without ever saying what it is it does. (As so many corporations do.) It stars Liam Dempsey Sr. (Jefferson Mays), one of the series' brand new characters for the season.

Check out the video introducing the world of Incite.

But that's not the only gem stashed on the Incite website. If you click on the privacy tab, there's some corporate message about the "Privacy Act of 2039." Then the site goes through a root sequence to get to the trailer. It initially plays the "Your World" trailer, but as a Redditor discovered, if you run it several times (or under a VPN/cleaned cache), two different trailers pop up.

The first one is titled "Free Will Is Not Free." It's the kind of trailer one would expect for hardcore Westworld fans, full of slogans like "Reality is not Optimizable" and "Disruption is not Change" interspersed with violent images from the coming season.

The second is called "When Caleb Meets Dolores," and it is my hands-down favorite Westworld trailer of all time. It takes the new season and, with a small adjustment to the soundtrack and a few choice soundbites, creates a promo for the best romantic comedy between man and machine ever dreamed.

35% more romantic indeed. Come on, loverboy, let's start a revolution. Westworld III premieres on Sunday, March 15, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.