Westworld III

Delos Destinations Is Out Here Sending 'Westworld' Fans Important Emails Again

by Ani Bundel

Westworld's violent delights have violent ends, but their emails raise questions. For those fans who didn't sign up for the Delos Destination emails ahead of Season 2 or the "Updates from Incite" ahead of Season 3, you're missing out. As part of the viral marketing campaign for the series, some enterprising PR person has been creating emails and notices giving updates as to the status of both companies. But these Westworld Delos Destination emails aren't just cute reminders the show returns to the airwaves in a few weeks. They're also fodder for fan theories.

If Season 2 was all about taking the Delos Parks and turning them into a parable for social media and data collection, Season 3 is the "next step." Now that these companies have all your information, what will you pay them to do with it? In the case of Incite, it's suggesting that you can pay them to create a whole new life.

But Incite has one significant difference. Delos offers a world populated with android hosts in a park designed to look like a fantasy playground. But Incite seems to be going one further. According to the emails and the website, it will create you a whole new life here, in the real world, on the outside.


This jives with the most prevalent theory for Season 3: The parks are over. Some hosts are still on the inside, like Maeve, but the action has moved to the real world. Out there, real life has been infiltrated by the same wish-fulfillment lifestyle that drove Delos to one of the world's biggest companies in the 2050s.

Incite isn't the only one whose web presence is driving that theory. Check out this message from Delos Corp.

Delos Destinations regrets the temporary closure of our parks. We are undergoing unscheduled maintenance to improve several safety and structural systems, to maximize the experience of our guests.

Considering the absolute massacre engineered by Dolores, and the escape to the Sublime which Maeve enabled, Delos is currently low on host stock and high on body count. So naturally, the park is closed. While fans assume there will be some fidelity testing and simulations run before things reopen, this also lends credence to the theory that most of the action, at least for the series early episodes, will take place mainly outside the park's structure.

Or maybe that's just what Westworld wants fans to think. If there's one thing that's certain on this show, it's that nothing is what it seems at first glance.

Westworld III premieres on Sunday, March 15, at 9 p.m. ET.