A 'Schitt's Creek' pop-up experience will celebrate the show ahead of its final season.

The 'Visit Schitt's Creek' Pop-Up Will Get You So Pumped For Season 6


Schitt's Creek fans are going to finally get their chance to join the Rose family in the beloved sitcom's eponymous small town. In celebration of the series ahead of its upcoming final season, Schitt's Creek is launching a limited-time pop-up that will totally transport guests to the town of Schitt's Creek. Basically, Pop TV's "Visit Schitt's Creek" pop-up is the perfect way for superfans to live out all their wildest, Schitt-iest dreams.

The most exciting part about the pop-up experience is that it is totally free to attend, although guests do need to secure reservations in order to be admitted. The pop-up space brings all of the important sets and props from Schitt's Creek to life, including the Rosebud Motel, Cafe Tropical, Rose Apothecary, and even Moira's iconic wall of wigs. Although the show's cast will not be in attendance (unless they decide to make surprise appearances), Pop TV is encouraging fans to play the parts of Moira, David, and the rest of the lovably flawed characters themselves while they take photos and videos among the sets and props.

The "Visit Schitt's Creek" pop-up already happened in Los Angeles on Nov. 22, Nov. 23, and Nov. 24, but fans in New York City can still pay a visit to the experience when it pops up in New York from Dec. 13 to Dec. 15. Unfortunately, the "Visit Schitt's Creek" website reveals that there are currently no available reservations left for the event, but it encourages fans to keep a close watch on the show's social media accounts for more chances to experience the pop-up.


This pop-up experience demonstrates just how immensely popular Schitt's Creek has become in recent years. The comedy series debuted in 2015 on the Canadian network CBC, with Pop TV airing the series in the United States. Throughout its first few seasons, the sitcom did not garner too much attention, but the fandom exploded when Netflix gained the streaming rights to past seasons. This year, the show's fifth season earned four Emmy nominations, marking the first time Schitt's Creek had ever been nominated.

Back in March, Dan Levy announced that the upcoming sixth season of Schitt's Creek will be its final season. The farewell season will premiere on Pop TV on Jan. 7, 2020.