These Videos Of BTS' Water Bottle Pranks Have ARMYs Laughing So Hard

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BTS has been busy touring the whole freakin' world over the last few months, and each show has been completely unique. Whether the boys add fun, new props, switch up their choreography for certain songs, or change up the set list, BTS has kept their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour totally fresh and diverse. In addition to planned changes, each show sees its fair share of improvised and unplanned goodness, like BTS' recent show in Paris where the boys had a little bit of fun with water bottles. The videos of BTS' water bottle fights in Paris have ARMYs laughing at the pranks and silliness, and they show that even seriously talented performers like to let loose sometimes.

After successful concerts in North America and London, England, BTS took the stage at Stade de France in Paris on June 7 and June 8, 2019. According to videos on Twitter of the June 8 Paris show, things got mischievous. At one point, Jimin was sitting at the edge of the stage singing when Jungkook went up to him and surprised him by pouring water on his hair. In a fan video posted by Twitter user @DreamerBTSArmy, Jungkook is seen creeping up behind Jimin, looking back at his fellow K-Pop bandmates for approval, and finally tipping a water bottle over his head. Jimin, though clearly surprised, remains totally calm. But the fun isn't over yet — next it's Jin's turn to do a quick pour, and then finally RM get in on the fun. Throughout the whole thing, Jimin remains totally calm and appears to be smiling and laughing himself. At the end of the clip, Jimin can be seen shaking all the water out his hair that his bandmates playfully poured there. The Twitter user who posted the video, @DreamerBTSArmy, also wrote, "It's so great to see them having fun like this."

Check out the sweet, playful moment for yourself:

Since BTS is sure to serve up killer performances and choreography at every show, it seems like fans like a little unscripted fun to make even more memorable moments, like water bottle pranks that go on throughout the whole show...

ARMYs on Twitter are so here for the lighthearted pranks, which also included Tae-hyung, aka V, pouring a water bottle on Jin.

But those weren't the only water bottle shenanigans at the Paris show. A video posted by Twitter by @ARMYMAGofficial makes it clear that Jimin wasn't just on the receiving end of the water-related pranks, but he also ended up being a perpetrator. In the fan video, Jimin is seen sneaking up behind Suga and raising his water bottle over Suga's head. At first, Jimin is told "no" by other bandmates on stage, so he casually turns around and sips the water he intended to pour on Suga. Then, a little later he turns around, runs up to Suga when Suga isn't looking, and pours water all over his head. Suga seems to remain unfazed but Jimin and other BTS members get a kick out of the prank. TBH, the cutest moment of that entire video is when Jimin runs off and clenches his fist in victory.

Fans thought Suga's reaction (or lack thereof) made the moment even funnier.

Really, ARMYs like seeing the boys have a little fun with one another.

Just when you think RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook can't get any sweeter or any more adorable, they give you water pranks on stage. ARMYs who were in Paris to see these sweet, authentic moments of on-stage fun are certainly very lucky. Hopefully there's more where that came from!