The Video Of Meghan Trainor & Daryl Sabara Playing The Newlywed Game Is So Cute – EXCLUSIVE

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Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara have only been married for a month and a half, but their union is so strong that they can finish each other’s sentences. The newlyweds humored Elite Daily by playing a little newlywed game and, let me tell you, they hit it right out of the park! The video of Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara playing the newlywed game will definitely have you climbing aboard The Love Train — which just happens to be the title of Trainor's brand new EP that was inspired by her love for her new hubby.

For those of you who don’t know, Trainor and Sabara started dating back in July 2016 and were engaged a year and a half later in December 2017. Then, exactly a year after getting engaged, the two were married on Dec. 22, 2018, which also happened to be Trainor’s 25th birthday. And if you didn't see the epic dance Sabara surprised Trainor with at their wedding, you are morally obligated to watch it right now (trust me, you won't regret it).

Given how absolutely perfect Trainor and Sabara are as a couple, Elite Daily asked them to give answering questions about one another that only two people deeply in love could answer correctly a try on camera, and let's just say the results are too sweet for words!

In the video, Trainor and Sabara give fans an unprecedented glimpse into their sweet romance. Sabara, in particular, comes across as super romantic. I mean, the guy literally wakes Trainor up with kisses and her favorite coffee. Can you think of anything more romantic? Trainor definitely seems to think it’s amazing since she chose that as the most romantic thing Sabara has ever done for her.

Romance and career options aren’t the only things they talk about during the newlywed game. During the course of the video, Trainor and Sabara talk about pretty much every aspect of their relationship, which gives each of them the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the other. Sabara and Trainor seem to know all the ins and outs of each other’s lives, from who the other texts the most to what their signature dance move is. So, it’s pretty easy to see how deeply in love this couple is.

At one point, they even finish each other's sentences — because they are on the same wavelength, OK? It's making my heart burst!

Another romantic topic Trainor and Sabara spoke about is Trainor’s new EP, The Love Train, because how could they not? The six-track EP, which was just released on Feb. 8, is pretty much the musical manifestation of their love story, and it's about to be playing in the background of every date you ever go on starting now.

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The EP is jam-packed with absolute bangers, like the track "Foolish," which will have you hitting the dance floor with bae instantly. But it also has power ballads in tracks like "After You," which you will definitely be belting out to your crush, Celine Dion-style, at your next karaoke night. But the track that will move you to your core is definitely "Marry Me," an acoustic, ukulele-tinged love song that'll make you want to get married stat so that you can walk down the aisle to it (just like Meghan did, BTW).

But what song is the EP's muse's favorite? Well, it may seem like a hard question when every song on this EP is literally romantic fire. Still, Sabara definitely had no trouble whatsoever picking his favorite among the bunch. But you'll have to watch the newlyweds play the newlywed game below to find out which one it is!

Watch Trainor and Sabara playing the newlywed game below:

Did I lie? Are they or are they not the cutest couple you've ever seen?! No need to answer that question, because I already know the answer.

Trainor actually opened up to Billboard recently about how much of an inspiration Sabara has been to her while creating new music (WARNING: Hearing Meghan Trainor gush about Daryl Sabara is known to induce fits of actual tears for any human with a heart because it's that sweet).

“In the beginning of dating him, he would just say romantic things to me, and I would just turn over and be like, 'I need my phone, get my phone!'" Trainor told Billboard. "And now he knows — when I'm freaking out, he'll throw a phone at me and go, 'Here you go, record it.' So we did that all the time."

So, it seems like this marriage was written in the stars!

Trainor's The Love Train EP is available to right now on all digital platforms, or you can just click play on this genius body of work below. Trust me, it's going to be the soundtrack to every future Valentine's Day for eons to come!