J.Lo Totally Proved She Could Be A TikTok Superstar By Nailing All The Trendiest Dances

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there's one thing no one on social media can escape from in 2020, it's TikTok videos. Regardless of who you're following, chances are you'll see someone trying out a viral dance challenge at least once a day. Celebs are no different, especially when they have children of their own at home encouraging them to get in on the fun. While the majority of the videos are entertaining, it's Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon's TikTok challenge that wins the award for the most fun.

Lopez and Fallon have both been giving TikTok challenges their best attempts in recent weeks as they remain self-quarantined amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Lopez, along with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez and their blended family, which includes four teenagers, have been seriously hilarious on the video sharing app. Fallon, meanwhile, has been getting pro tips from famous TikTokers like Charli D'Amelio.

So, it was only fair that Lopez and Fallon went head-to-head on Friday, May 22, to show off their TikTok skills with the world, and the outcome was perfection, even if their dance moves weren't always quite right.

It all went down when Lopez appeared on the virtual edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon during the "Watch-it-Once TikTok Challenge" segment.

"Jennifer and I are going to watch a TikTok challenge that neither one of us have ever seen before," Fallon told the audience at home. "We're going to try to recreate it, and whoever gets closest to it wins that round."

Lopez jokingly noted: "I'm gonna go down in flames in front of my kids. It's fine. They're like, 'Mom, don't embarrass us!'"

Watch the dance battle play out in the video below.

While Fallon proclaimed, "I'm kind of known for my dancing so it's gonna be easy for me I think," it's clear he wasn't able to master all the moves.

Lopez, for the most part, nailed all of her challenges, but not without breaking a sweat. "It's hard to do these in one thing," she said. "These kids take hours to do their TikToks and get them right." Despite the difficulty, Lopez still managed to almost perfectly recreate the hardest dance featured in the set after just one viewing, proving her incredible dance skills.

There's one thing that's for sure, and it's the fact that Fallon and Lopez are highly entertaining throughout the entire video, so hopefully they will keep this challenge going in weeks to come.