The Unpredictable Bucket List Every 20-Something Needs To Accomplish Before 30

Checking off things on your bucket list should be a top priority in your 20s. It's a decade where you dare to dream big, but also do everything you can to ensure those dreams come true. You're not afraid to stray away from the conventional paths of life, and that's why an unpredictable bucket list needs to be accomplished before you hit 30.

If you're already at your quarter-life, don't think you've fallen behind. Your 20s should have taught you by now that everyone's living life at their own pace. Trying to compete with everyone else's speed and accomplishments will only make your 20s flash by. And what will you have to show for it? Nothing, because you decided to be a runner up for someone else's goals when you could have come first place in your own.

OK, back to the fun stuff. Your bucket list can definitely include those go-to activities like sky diving and watching the sun rise at the Grand Canyon. You just want to make sure that the typical bucket list items aren't the only things you're striving for in your 20s. So, if you want your bucket list to be more than the norm, you need to add these items to it, ASAP.

Become Someone's Mentor

I know this sounds silly, but even when you reach the middle of your 20s, you've already gained so much knowledge. Think about your 19-year-old self compared to your quarter-life self. The difference is massive.

If you can help or guide someone who's in a position you were once in, you'll feel so fulfilled. It's a selfless act, but at the same time, your 20s and the obstacles you've faced so far won't seem like they were for nothing. You needed them so that you could spread the wisdom to the next person about to take on this decade.

Visit Two Different Countries In A Week

You know the wanderlust is so real in your 20s, and if you've never left the country before, now is the prime time. Surprisingly, at least in Europe, many countries aren't too difficult to travel between. So, when you finally decide to leave the states, make sure it's to a place where you can kill two birds with one stone while you're vacationing. The more you see, the better.

Be An Audience Member On A TV Show

Have you ever watched Ellen and wondered how the heck people get on that show? Well, it's possible, and all it takes is a little research. Being on one of your favorite TV shows is so much fun because you get to see most, if not all, of how things work behind the scenes. I mean, striving for your two seconds of fame when the cameraman turns your way couldn't hurt, either.

Stay The Night In A Haunted Place, Just Because

You'll need to be a bit daring if you ever want to muster up the courage to stay in a haunted place overnight. Visit a ghost town or a full-blown haunted house. You know you want to. Oh, and don't think Halloween is the only time you can check this gem off of your list.

Live In A New Place For Part Of The Year

It's pretty intimidating to think about dropping everything you know and giving something else a try. Unfortunately, the desire to live in your dream city isn't only going to be on your brain when you snooze. If you want it that badly, it will be on your mind 24/7. So, give it a try temporarily, because even if it's not permanent, the fact that you can say you did it, will stay with you always.

Treat Your Parents To A Surprise Vacation

I know what you're thinking, "With what funds?" Don't worry; you have until you're 30, remember? Taking your parents on a vacation is sort of like repaying them for all of the annual trips they've taken you on in your life. It will take some saving on your part, but the look on their faces when you tell them a tropical paradise awaits is going to be so worth it.

Change Your Look Without Telling Anyone

Change is inevitable. The only way to feel like you somewhat have control over it is to take the reigns when you can. Changing your entire look spontaneously will make you feel like you control your own destiny. And let's be real: Your hair will totally slay that new cut, and those highlights will be dreamy. So, embrace the change, time that selfie reveal just perfectly, and wait for the OMG factor.

Your bucket list is keeping score of things that will make your life feel spectacular. Don't hesitate to truly make it your own.