Everyone's Making The Same Joke About Tom Brady Being At The Super Bowl

by Ani Bundel
Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Super Bowl has an expected 100 million viewers (give or take) tuning in. And when fans think of dominance in the sport of football, there's only one team that comes to mind: the New England Patriots. They've played in the Super Bowl 11 times and have won six. Nine of those games, and all six wins, were under quarterback Tom Brady, the most of any player in history. Even though neither he nor the Patriots are in this year's game, these tweets about Tom Brady prove he's still the league's most talked-about player, and football fans all have one thing to say about him at this year's game.

Brady's run with the Patriots has spanned 20 years, the longest of any player with a single team. Of those two decades, he's started as quarterback for 18 of them, winning his first Super Bowl as starting quarterback in his very first year. His sixth Super Bowl win, which came in 2019, didn't just give him the record for most Super Bowl championships as a player but it did make him the oldest quarterback to ever win the Big Game at 41 years old.

Brady's record-setting run has made him synonymous with the Super Bowl, even when his team isn't one of the final two left standing. (The team made the playoffs this year, but didn't make it out of the Wild Card round, losing to the Tennessee Titans.) But just because Brady isn't in the game, doesn't mean he didn't find a way to make it on the field. He showed up as part of the NFL 100 All-Time Team presentation, along with other record-setting quarterbacks.

Fans were impressed by his ability to still be on the field for the Super Bowl.

The 2019 season marked 100 years since the National Football League was formed in 1919. The All-Time Team was created as a way to honor the best players of the first 100 years, voted on by a panel consisting of former players, media members, and league personnel. And in the Quarterbacks division, it naturally included Brady.

The 2020 Super Bowl is not the 100th Big Game (the championship was not created until the 1960s). Still, at all points possible, it paid tribute to the centennial anniversary, including bringing on as many players from the All-Time Team as possible.

At least both teams know if they need an emergency quarterback, there's one ready and waiting in the locker room.