OMG, Taylor Swift May Have Just Dropped A Major Hint About When New Music Is Coming

by Collette Reitz
Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With all the questions and theories going around about when Taylor Swift's next album might come out, Swifties have been left to guess exactly when the singer will release new tunes. Well, on Friday, April 12, the Reputation singer seemingly gave a very big clue about when to expect her seventh studio album. Seriously, the tweets about Taylor Swift's countdown clock for April 26 are set on believing that fans could expect new music this month.

If you're not totally up to date with the latest T. Swift news, let me fill you in. Late on April 12, some devoted fans who were perusing her website stumbled across nothing other than an official freaking countdown clock. Exciting, right? Well, there is a little caveat, because while there is definitely a countdown clock with a date for this month (!!!), that's about it. It doesn't explicitly say new music or an entire new album is coming on that date, but that isn't stopping fans from believing that new Swift tunes could be coming in less than two weeks.

All it says above the clock is "TAYLOR SWIFT" in big block letters, and then there is a clock that reads, as of publication, "12 DAYS, 14 HOURS, 11 MINUTES." To help you out there, that end date is April 26, 2019.

A good sign that new music might be coming is that April 26 is a Friday, which also happens to be the day of the week that artists tend to drop new music of any kind. If you can't handle the waiting game, you can also enter you email on the countdown clock page for updates. Even with scant information about what to expect at the end of the countdown clock, fans took to Twitter to rejoice about the news.

TBH, everyone has their calendars marked for April 26 now, and they are so "...Ready For It."

Some Swifties were so not ready for this exciting surprise.

Need even more reason to get excited? Even Swift herself shared the countdown clock on her Instagram Story on Friday, April 12.

Instagram/Taylor Swift

Oh, and she apparently changed her Instagram profile picture to a pastel multi-color background, so fans are, of course, seeing that as a sign that a new era is upon us.

Even without an official announcement about the countdown clock possibly being for a new album or new single, I'd say fans have good reason to believe that something exciting is happening on April 26. Swift is notorious for making well thought-out moves ahead of album releases. Recall all those snakes on Instagram in 2017?

This upcoming release would be studio album No. 7 for Swift, and it's clear her legions of fans have stuck by her since her self-named debut album in October 2006. It's also clear that even though it's been less than two years since her Reputation release in November 2017, fans are more than ready to hear what Swift has been working on. Bring on April 26.