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Simon Cowell Is Trying To Make "UK-Pop" A Thing & Twitter Is Not Here For It

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The internet is a tough place to navigate. It seems like, every day, there's a new person who touches down in treacherous territory and gets backlash for one thing or another. Today, Simon Cowell is that person. The music mogul is under fire for trying to create a new genre of music to compete with K-Pop. These tweets about Simon Cowell trying to make "UK-Pop" happen are not having it.

Here's the deal: In a new video posted by Syco Entertainment, Cowell announced a new X Factor spinoff called X Factor: The Band and pretty much said the show's aim is to create a band to compete with K-Pop bands.

“K-Pop, you could argue, is ruling the world," he says at the end of the clip. "Now, it's time for UK-Pop."

It's no secret Cowell was the driving force that propelled One Direction to superstardom on the X Factor, and you can't blame him for trying to strike gold twice. But whether Cowell was serious or making a tongue-in-cheek joke to, fans do not appreciate the music mogul drawing comparisons between K-Pop and UK singers or suggesting the success of K-Pop bands can be replicated.

Here's the video clip that started it all:

Naturally, K-Pop stans from across the globe arose from every corner of the internet to give the American Idol alum their thoughts. Some fans kept things light, cracking jokes about the whole situation.

And while the internet sure knows how to bring the laughs, it also understands there's a serious matter at hand here. Other fans dug deeper, pointing out UK-Pop is particularly absurd because of the mass amounts of pop artists that have roots there. Ever heard of a little band called The Beatles? Or how about One Direction? K-Pop fans think calling UK-based pop stars "UK-Pop" all of the sudden is a transparent effort to drum up buzz using K-Pop.

Pretty much everyone was in agreement that UK-Pop already exists.

And there's even more to the story. Many of those who are angry with Cowell are part of the BTS ARMY and other K-Pop bands, but that's not the only fanbase that Cowell has upset. Fans of girl group Little Mix are also seething because X Factor: The Band will compete against Little Mix’s similar new show, The Search. Basically, Cowell has dug himself a hole with two of the biggest fanbases on the planet.

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"ARMYS and Mixers coming together to drag Simone Cobweb to hell and back is so heartwarming," one tweet read, while another person insisted that "Simon Cowell should thank armys and mixers for giving him more relevancy than he’s had for years." Yikes.

Between upsetting the Mixers and the ARMYs, Cowell may want to rethink his marketing strategy here.