Fans Are Feeling "Good As Hell" Thanks To Lizzo's New Remix With Ariana

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anyone whose been rocking out to Lizzo all summer knows she has pretty much an endless playlist of hits to choose from. Well, get ready to add another track to your playlist, because the singer just dropped a remix with another superstar. Seriously, the tweets about Lizzo and Ariana Grande's "Good As Hell" remix are so here for the most epic collaboration.

Lizzo hinted at the collab with Grande in an Instagram post on Thursday, Oct. 24. She shared a livestream of herself answering fan questions, and she captioned the post: "CAN YALL GUESS WHO IS ON THE GOOD AS HELL REMIX?!? ITS DROPPING AT MIDNIGHT IM SO EXCITED." In the video, the "Truth Hurts" hitmaker mentioned "something dropping tonight," and then she said, "I’ll give you a hint: If you can guess the size of this drink, you’ll know what I’m talking about." In the frame was what looked like a grande-sized Starbucks drink, and then Grande herself commented on the post with six black hearts. So, yeah, it's safe to say fans were very ready to hear the "Good As Hell" remix once it came out on Friday, Oct 25.

Of course, the hardcore stans came out with nothing but support for the duo.

Seriously, some fans were just so pumped about two powerhouses coming together on one track.

While the combo of the two singers is undoubtedly a strong one, some fans were a little bummed that it seemed like Grande didn't show up in the song as much as they were hoping. If you haven't yet heard it, Grande comes in with a her signature voice with a solo at about the 1:05 mark in the song, and then she goes in an out of singing with Lizzo until the end.

Even though some fans were looking for something a little different in the remix, there were plenty of people who were pleased as hell with the product of the two superstars, especially the way their voices combined on the track.

Really, in the end, most fans were here to for the duo and the remix, and I have a feeling it's going to be on a lot of playlists this fall.

Even none other than the collaborator herself Ariana Grande shared the news of the remix in a tweet on Friday. She wrote:

the most fun [clinking glasses emoji] thank you @lizzo for having me on this remix !! i love you, your energy and this record so so much. ‘good as hell’ remix out now !

Now, if you can't wait any longer to hear the new track and decide what you think of the song for yourself, you can listen to the full audio here. As of right now, there's no video for the remix, but from Ari's reference to the champagne glasses emoji in her tweet, I'd bet a video would be everything Lizzo and Grande stans could hope for. IDK if a video is even in the works for the future, but as you wait hoping for one, you can put the "Good As Hell" remix on repeat to hold you over.