These tweets about Katy Perry's Disney singalong performance show fans can't get over how adorable N...

Katy Perry Sang A Lullaby To Her Poodle Dressed In A Dumbo Costume & It Was Epic


The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II aired on Sunday, May 10, and it was filled with magical moments. Idina Menzel and Ben Platt collaborated for "A Whole New World," Keke Palmer sang "Zero to Hero" from Hercules with the help of the Dancing With The Stars cast, and Halsey channeled her inner princess with her beautiful rendition of "Part of Your World." It was hard to pick a favorite performance, but when Katy Perry appeared on screen with her poodle, Nugget, it was all over. These tweets about Katy Perry's Disney singalong performance show fans can't get over how adorable she and Nugget looked in their matching elephant costumes.

For her performance, Perry sang "Baby Mine" from the 1941 animated Disney classic Dumbo. In the movie, the song plays during an emotional scene involving Dumbo and his mother, so it was only fitting Perry, who is expecting a child with Orlando Bloom, sang it for Mother's Day. To bring the song to life, Perry wore matching Dumbo costumes with her pup. Alternating between scenes of Perry serenading Nugget and the most iconic animated Disney mothers caring for their children, the clip was a sweet tribute to the special holiday.

Fans' reactions to Perry's performance were all over the place. While some found it emotional due to the song's lyrics, some fans couldn't help but laugh at how extra the performance was, thanks to Perry and her dog's matching costumes. They especially couldn't get over the fact Nugget was so patient hearing Perry sing and how he never got fussy even once.

Fans also noticed how Nugget began dozing off as the special went on, which only made him look that much cuter.

By the end of the night, fans wanted their own Nugget, too.

Since Nugget took over Twitter, Perry eventually caught wind of fans' posts and even poked fun of herself. "Honestly we both look dumb...o," Perry wrote in response to a fan asking if her dog was OK.

I think it's safe to say Nugget is the internet's newest mascot.