Twitter Is Freaked Out Over Finneas' GF's Resemblance To Billie Eilish

Claudia Sulewski/ YouTube; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Billie Eilish and her older brother Finneas O'Connell (who goes professionally by Finneas) are close. Finneas, who is a singer-songwriter and producer, co-wrote and produced Eilish's first single “Ocean Eyes." He then produced her 2017 EP don't smile at me and also currently works with Eilish on all of her tours. Plus, he's the musical mastermind behind eight of her tracks on the Billboard Hot 100. Bra-vah, Finneas. He has so many achievements, though, alt-pop Twitter has taken up conversation concerning Finneas over something completely different and it's... a lot. These tweets about Finneas O'Connell's girlfriend's resemblance to Billie Eilish are consuming Twitter as well as the comments section of Finneas' Instagram feed.

Sure, Finneas' girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski, and Eilish both have dark hair (well, Eilish had), fair skin, and light eyes, but I never thought the YouTuber and pop sensation looked like twins or anything. Nope, it never crossed my mind in all the time since Finneas and Sulewski started dating in October 2019. But, like this Twitter user, now that I have seen it, I can't unsee it. Dang.

"Someone said Finneas’ girlfriend looks like Billie and now I can’t unsee it," they wrote on Thursday, July 11. Me neither, bruh. Me neither.

The uncanny resemblance, stopped one user in their tracks...

Some users were sure the rest of the internet was just seeing things. "Finneas’ girlfriend looks nothing like Billie y’all trippin over nothin,'" one fan tweeted.

While another fan said, the only thing the two women have in common is their fashion sense. "Maybe Billie's style was inspired by Finneas' girlfriend? Or the other way around? Because that's the only similarity between the two."

A few users were just simply confused.

As reluctant as most fans were to stumble upon the similarity, one fan thought it was about time. "I’m glad someone else mentioned the fact that Finneas’ girlfriend is Billie's twin."

Another user wondered why the internet caught onto the uncanny resemblance so late. "Why are people only talking about Finneas' girlfriend now. I thought this was old news," they wrote.

Another fan put Eilish's doppelganger up to the ultimate test. "I showed my mum a picture of Finneas’ girlfriend and said who is that and she was like Billie Eilish duh." Lol.

Some fans were annoyed that Twitter users were not referring to Sulewski by name at all. "I'm lowkey annoyed that Claudia's comments are 90% about Billie like Claudia’s a person too she's not just the girlfriend of Billie Eilish’s brother, same with Finneas," wrote one fan.

One fan tried to remind everyone that regardless of how much either woman may or may not look like the other, comments on the entire situation (especially ones trying to armchair-psychoanalyze the situation) is demeaning to all parties involved — including Eilish.

"I wanna rant about that whole 'Claudia looks like Billie' situation," the fan wrote. "First of all. IF SOMEONE HAS SIMILAR HAIR OR NOSE SHAPE THAT DOESN’T MAKE THEM TWINS OR WHATEVER. 2) Imagine how those posts makes feel @ClaudiaSulewski or @finneas or even @billieeilish."

True. Very true. Assuming the slight similarities between the two women could mean something more to Finneas is probably so uncomfortable and more so hurtful to everyone involved. So, on that note, I'm going to go drink some water and mind my own business. Byeee.