The tweets about Daniel the Golden Retriever at The Westminster Dog Show are supportive AF.

Twitter Is Rallying Around This Golden Retriever After His Westminster Dog Show Performance

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The Westminster Kennel Club's annual Dog Show at Madison Square Garden crowned Siba, a 3-year-old black standard poodle, as Best in Show on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Although some might be hype about Siba, a lot of people on Twitter are talking about another pup that stole their hearts. These tweets about Daniel the golden retriever at the Westminster Dog Show are so supportive.

ICYMI, the Westminster Kennel Club (WKC) held its 144th dog show from Saturday, Feb. 8 to Tuesday, Feb. 11. Siba the Standard Poodle won the coveted title, beating out seven other dogs, including Daniel, a majestic Golden Retriever. TBH, even though Siba was the overall top dog, a lot of fans couldn't hide their love for Daniel. On Wednesday, Feb. 12, there was even #JusticeForDaniel hashtag trending. If Daniel had won Best in Show, he would've made history as the first-ever golden retriever to win the Westminster Dog Show.

Technically, Daniel was still a winner, because he did take home first place in the Sporting group. WKC dog show stans aren't keeping their love for the Golden Retriever a secret. With one look at his shiny, golden coat, you might just become #TeamDaniel as well. Take a look at what people are sharing on Twitter in support of the goodest boy:

Some tweets are just showing such love that Daniel won the top spot in the Sporting Group:

Others are saying it's time for a Golden Retriever to win Best in Show and that poodles have won too often. No offense to Siba, but it seems like many are just rooting for a Golden Retriever to finally make history with a Best in Show title:

Some users are saying that #DanielWasRobbed since they thought he should've taken home the prize:

Daniel is still the winner in the hearts of many:

Daniel might not have made history as the first Golden named Best in Show, but he sure made a name for himself on Twitter.