Fans Are Losing It Over Cardi B In Pepsi's Latest Super Bowl Commercial

Can someone pass me a tissue? I need to wipe my tears from laughing so dang hard at Pepsi's Super Bowl 2019 commercial. If you saw the ad live, you're probably howling, too. During the segment, celebrities including Steve Carell, Lil Jon, and Cardi B make an appearance — and they all work together to prove that Pepsi is "more than OK." Actually, I should say that Pepsi is more than "OKUUUR," because that's how Cardi B famously puts it. Based off of the tweets about Cardi B in Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial, it's obvious that fans are loving her role in the ad. I don't blame them, though; she totally rocked it.

If you didn't see the commercial live, allow me to walk you through it. At the beginning of the segment, a woman visiting a diner orders a Coke from her waiter. He then responds to her, and says, "Is Pepsi OK?" (Dun, dun, dun...) Almost immediately after asking the woman if she'd accept Pepsi instead, Steve Carell interrupts their conversation (in true Michael Scott form), and goes on a rant about why Pepsi is "more than OK."

He says, "Are puppies OK? Is a shooting star OK? Is the laughter of a small child OK?"

After Carell gives examples of things that are "more than OK," he snaps his finger and switches clothes with the waiter. Then, he asks the waiter to "order something," and quickly insists that the waiter asks for "an ice cold glass of the best thing you've ever tasted" (aka Pepsi). To that, the waiter responds with a simple, "OK" — but his answer wasn't enthusiastic enough for Carell. That, my friends, is where Lil Jon and Cardi B come in.

To find examples of how to say "OK" with more passion, Carell points to a stranger sitting at the bar, and then to Lil Jon sitting behind the counter. To that, Lil Jon enthusiastically responds with an energetic "OK," and then swishes his hand toward the door. At that moment, Cardi B arrives at the scene.

With "I Like It" playing in the background, she famously says "OKUUUR," claps her hands, laughs, and then walks through the doors. After walking into the diner, she grabs a can of Pepsi from the counter and sits down at the table where the woman is ordering her soda. Brava, Cardi. Brava.

The commercial ends with Carell trying to say "OKUUUR" like the rapper, but he definitely doesn't nail it like she does. With that being said, it's obvious that Cardi stole the show, and the following tweets prove it.

She even converted Pepsi haters.

Believe it or not, this isn't Cardi's first Super Bowl appearance. During the game in 2018, the rapper starred in an Amazon ad that promoted its Alexa device. In the commercial, Alexa loses her voice — so the Amazon team decides to replace it with celebrities. Of course, Cardi B was included, and fans quickly fell in love with the segment.

With that being said, Cardi is no stranger to the Super Bowl circuit. However, instead of promoting Alexa, she's spreading the Pepsi love.