ARMYs Are Seriously Pissed About BTS' Appearance On The 'Today' Show

Lester Cohen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ARMYs were full of emotion on Friday, Feb. 21, after BTS' release of Map of the Soul: 7. Fans couldn't wait to get a glimpse of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook as they took over New York City Friday morning to promote their new music. Ultimately, though, fans ended up disappointed when the boys did not perform during their Today show appearance, and these tweets about BTS' Today show appearance all make that clear.

It's no surprise ARMYs felt this way. In fact, fans from all over the world have been vocal in the past about the lack of airtime the boys get when doing interviews in America. Not only that, but ARMYs often bring attention to BTS not getting the respect they deserve from music industry professionals.

So when RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook came out on Friday morning full of energy and ready to conquer NYC, ARMYs were glued to Today's show in anticipation for BTS' performance — which never happened.

From the looks of it, ARMYs are not happy with the Today show's decision to not have BTS perform. See what fans are saying below.

Some fans simply expressed their confusion, hinting that it made no sense to them that BTS wouldn't perform.

There were, however, also some very kind tweets about BTS' Today show interview.

ARMYs haven't been this angry since BTS got snubbed by the Grammys. Earlier this month, many Twitter fans praised James Corden for always allowing BTS a lot of screen time during their interviews, with one message even getting a retweet from Corden.

The tweet read: "I’m so glad corden gave bts lots of screentime. a small interview, a performance, and an entire game of hide and seek which ended the episode. a lot of talk shows only gave bts a 3 minute interview and a performance but corden did a lot more for the boys and i appreciate that."

While ARMYs were disappointed that BTS did not perform on the Today show, I'm sure the K-Pop group will be getting a lot of TV attention now that MOTS: 7 is out.