BTS ARMY Are So Proud Jungkook's Song Played In The 'Euphoria' Finale

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The BTS ARMY is rejoicing! The Euphoria Season 1 finale went down on Sunday, Aug. 4, and the show (which has quickly become popular for its subject matter, but also the music in the show's soundtrack) gave the BTS fandom a special treat: Jungkook's "Euphoria" from the Love Yourself: Answer album is used in the episode! Hello, visibility! Thank you, HBO! The fandom is so excited about the shoutout, as proved by the tweets about BTS' Jungkook's "Euphoria" playing in the Euphoria finale. The fandom hype is real.

The HBO show came to a bonkers finale on Aug. 4. The show has been dramatic and honestly, batsh*t (thank you, Nate) for its eight-episode Season 1 run, and the finale delivered a fitting end to the show's inaugural season. While the show was packed with intensity, there were also some lighthearted, happy moments between some characters that fans just loved to see.

Spoiler alert: Euphoria Season 1 finale details to follow. One sweet moment fans loved was at the dance, when Kat and Ethan finally got together after an entire season of them dancing around their feelings for each other. Earlier in the season, Kat had misinterpreted an encounter Ethan had with another girl at the carnival. The two were just friends, but from a distance, Kat saw it as Ethan flirting with another girl while he was hanging out with her. They ended up still hooking up on Halloween, but Kat still had her walls up with Ethan, so she ended up hooking up with Daniel later that night. All of this built up to Kat and Ethan kissing at the dance and leaving together.

The song the show chose to have playing over that moment was none other than Jungkook's song "Euphoria" from the Love Yourself: Answer album. What a moment. What a choice. What a show.

Can't think of a much better song to play during Euphoria than a song called "Euphoria." Plus, the episode about Kat's backstory revealed she was (fictionally, obvi) credited for creating the Larry Stylinson One Direction fan theory (it was a controversial episode), revealing that Kat is a character fully involved in fandom internet culture. BTS now has a fandom just as large (if not bigger) than One Direction had, so it's perfect that a BTS song was playing over Kat's romantic moment.

Jungkook's fans are so delighted the song was included in the episode.

Jungkook making the fandom proud! The song wasn't an apt fit just because of the name, though. The song's lyrics are all about a new romance, which is exactly what was going on with Kat and Ethan. So that's just *chef's kiss*.

Jungkook said in a past interview about "Euphoria" the song, "I think the song describes the tingling feelings in the beginning of a new romance." Like I said, perfect fit! Shout out to Euphoria for having the best TV soundtrack in the game right now.