Louis Tomlinson Revealed His Thoughts On That Explicit Larry Scene In 'Euphoria'

Jeff Spicer/Kevin Winter/Getty Images/Twitter

Zendaya's new HBO show, Euphoria, is tussling some feathers. The show is basically an R-rated Riverdale, filled with drugs, sex, and heavy violence in the lives of high schoolers (minus the Gargoyle King), and it's already got tons of people hooked only three episodes into its first season. One person who might not be a fan after Season 1, Episode 3, however, is Louis Tomlinson. Have y'all ever heard of the Larry Stylinson theory? It's this mega-popular One Direction fan fiction theory arguing that Tomlinson and Harry Styles were secret lovers during their 1D days. That theory is talked about in Euphoria Season 1, Episode 3, and Louis Tomlinson's reaction to the Euphoria Larry Stylinson scene just made things awkward.

Well, the scene itself made things awkward, for starters. The theory comes up when Zendaya is narrating some backstory for one of the show's main characters, Kat. Kat is described as "popular enough" at her high school, but what her classmates don't know is that she wrote the fan fiction piece that was credited for starting the Larry Stylinson theories. This is a fictionalized storyline, of course, but the theory is real, and its placement in Euphoria was to depict Gen-Z and part of its internet-fangirling culture.

That's all well and fine to have as a storyline. Honestly, it wouldn't be a fully truthful depiction of that generation if this part of internet culture wasn't at least mentioned. But fans of Tomlinson and Styles feel the show crossed a line by including an anime-inspired animated scene depicting Kat's Larry Stylinson fan fiction, complete with Zendaya narration. The scene is super sexual (as is this show in general), which made even me wonder how cool with this Tomlinson and Styles would be.

The answer is... not at all! At least on Tomlinson's end.

A 1D fan tweeted about the scene, saying they hoped HBO had contacted Tomlinson and Styles to at least notify them of the scene.

"Just going to sit and hope that they for some reason approved it because surely they had to to get it aired," the tweet said. "Harry seems quite friendly with the people involved but u can just TELL louis’ not gonna like it."

Tomlinson responded to the tweet and said, "I can categorically say that I was not contacted nor did I approve it." Yikes.

Other 1D stans who watched the episode can't believe the Larry Stylinson theory was brought up on HBO and spoken by Zendaya, nonetheless. It's an old theory that Tomlinson shut down (their comments on it were rarer than water in a drought, though), leaving many fans now kind of irked that it was brought up.

People are calling the scene inappropriate, as it's literally an animated sex scene depicting two actual people. It's one thing to depict sex with the actors on the show who have given their consent to portray these scenes. It's another to rope Tomlinson and Styles into it without their approval.

Tomlinson's tweet is his only response to the Euphoria scene. He didn't like any tweets about it from other supporters, and Harry Styles hasn't commented on the scene at all.

If y'all haven't started watching Euphoria, though, oof, is it a wild ride.