SuperM Fans Are Losing It Over Baekhyun & Taemin's Hilarious Joke On 'All That'

Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

All That's revival is a Nickelodeon fan's dream come true, but there's more incentive than ever to watch the reboot of the '90s show. In a video posted to the show's Instagram account, it was revealed K-Pop group SuperM are set to make an appearance this April, and, beforehand, fans got a taste of what they can expect. In a sneak peak clip, the SuperM guys acted out a hilarious scene where they fought over a shirt, and fans cannot get enough of the bandmates' exchange. These tweets about Baekhyun and Taemin's "just a shirt" scene will have you laughing out loud.

In case you've been sleeping on the latest All That content, the scene with SuperM is a must-see. The comedic skit featured the full band and showed them meeting one of their die-hard fans backstage. However, the guys got into a tussle after learning the fan had broken into their tour bus and stolen some personal items.

The exchange basically went like this:

Taeyong: Guys guys, that's not cool! That's my favorite wallet! My mom gave it to me!

TEN: Bro, calm down! My mom's gonna get you a new one.

Baekhyun: That's my favorite shirt!

Taemin: It's just a shirt!

Baekhyun: *incredulous* JUST A SHIRT?!

Equally as hilarious as the scene were the fan reactions that followed. Twitter was filled with tweets from SuperM fans that couldn't get enough of the All That scene — especially Taemin and Baekhyun's "just a shirt" exchange.

Of course, Baekhyun and Taemin don't actually have it out for each other, but they sure are good actors. Thanks to the endless tweets about Baekhyun's shirt, the phrase "Just A Shirt" literally became a trending topic on Twitter.

Judging from this 1-minute preview, the upcoming episode of All That is going to be flat-out hilarious, and the ultimate treat for SuperM fans. In true All That fashion, the guys are even set to perform. SuperM’s All That episode will air Saturday, April 4, at 8:30 p.m. EST.