Ariana Grande's Mystery Stain 'Sweetener' Tour T-Shirt Has Fans Asking Some NSFW Questions


What is going on with Ariana Grande’s Sweetener tour merch, you guys? From the looks of fan reactions online, all of her current tour merchandise is questionable, at best. Fans have quite a lot to say about it. One piece of merchandise, in particular, is making fans think someone had impure thoughts when they designed it. The shirt in question is white with a really strange blue “stain” on it. The tweets about Ariana Grande’s mystery stain Sweetener t-shirt are all rather vulgar.

So, before I delve into the tweets, let me just explain what the deal with this particular t-shirt is. Some fans think that the blue mark or stain on the shirt looks like — how should I say this? — a certain fluid that's produced by male genitalia...? I mean, it kind of looks like that if you’re willing to let your mind go there. It seems like plenty of Grande’s fans are, in fact, willing to let their minds wander off to that place because they’re tweeting endlessly about it.

Fans are tweeting not only about the “mystery stain” t-shirt, but also about the overall quality of Sweetener tour merch in general. Here’s what everyone’s saying right now:

The weird mystery stain aside, lots of fans just think all the Sweetener merch is bad. Period.

So, basically, fans are super disappointed with Grande’s choice of merch for this tour, especially that “mystery stain” t-shirt that’s potentially NSFW. It makes sense, though. When you’re spending hundreds on tour merchandise, then you expect it to be reasonably nice and of high quality. It doesn’t seem like that’s what fans are getting, which is unfortunate.

Something that's definitely a bigger hit than Grande's merch: the booths she set up where fans can register to vote. She shared a photo of the booth on Instagram recently:

Even if fans think the Sweetener merch is awful, at least Grande is trying to do right by her fans in other ways. Helping fans register to vote is a great step toward getting them to be more active in elections, which is awesome.

Other than that, though, Grande has been working hard on this tour and seems really grateful that she’s even able to do it. In recent social media posts, Grande has shown her appreciation for fans and this tour in a number of ways, mainly by sharing content from the tour and expressing herself in words. “My mind is all over the place and v emotional. thank u. i don’t know what i’m posting rn tbh. at all. i’ll hit u tomorrow bc.... tonight was too much. thank you thank you thank you. i love you. and i yeah,” Grande wrote in a March 19 Instagram post.

In the post, she shared a video of herself on stage from the first night of the Sweetener tour. You can check out Grande’s post here.

Obviously, this tour is really important to Grande and it’s kind of sad that her merch for this tour is seemingly so subpar. But hey, at least all the kids get to register to vote and hear their fave belt out her best songs.