Fans Are Split On Whether Ariana Grande's "In My Head" Is About Mac Miller Or Pete Davidson

2019 is the year of Ariana Grande! And her new album Thank U, Next is making that possible! After a difficult 2018 that was full of love, loss, and heartbreak, Grande is back, stronger than ever, with her new album. And her song “In My Head” is giving fans just a glimpse of what Grande is capable of as a singer, songwriter, and overall artist. Fans are basically going wild over the song on social media and for good reason! The song covers a lot of ground in terms of romance and seems to be deeply personal for Grande. These tweets about Ariana Grande’s “In My Head” show just how much fans appreciate Grande’s openness about being in love!

If you follow Grande on social media, then you know she’s been teasing new music for weeks leading up to the release of her new album. She’s even been answering fan questions about what each song on her album is about. For example, when someone asked what “In My Head” was about, Grande responded with a pretty detailed explanation of the song. In her tweet, Grande said the song was about “being in love w a version of somebody you've created in your head. falling for someone that they are not.”

Hm, I wonder who that could be about!

Many are already speculating that the song is about her ex Pete Davidson, with whom she shared a whirlwind romance in the second half of 2018. The couple started dating in May 2018, got engaged in June, and eventually broke things off in October. So, things moved quite fast and, from the outside, it does look like Grande might have been in over her head in that relationship. But let’s not forget that, right before her relationship with Davidson, she was also involved with Mac Miller, with whom she shared a long-term, loving relationship until May 2018. Of course, Grande’s ex-boyfriends Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez could also be candidates, but that seems less likely based on the timeline.

Fans are really loving the song and tweeting non-stop about it. For the most part, Twitter is pretty much in agreement that "In My Head" is definitely about Pete Davidson:

But some fans are divided, because the reality of the song is that it could *technically* be about Mac Miller. Some voiced their opinions on Twitter, making the case that "In My Head" has more subtle references about Mac Miller than Pete Davidson:

What do you think? Is it about Miller? Davidson? Someone else? Here’s a look at some of the lyrics:

Here's the thing: you’re in love with a version of a person that you've created in your head, that you are trying to but cannot fix. Uh, the only thing you can fix is yourself. I love you, this has gone on way too long. Enough is enough. I'm two blocks away; I’m coming over, Painted a picture; I thought I knew you well, I got a habit of seeing what isn't there, Caught in the moment, tangled up in your sheets, When you broke my heart, I said you only wanted half of me, My imagination's too creative, They see demon, I see angel, angel, angel, Without the halo, wingless angel

And the chorus goes:

Falling, falling, but I never thought you'd leave me, Falling, falling, needed something to believe in, oh, I thought that you were the one, But it was all in my head, It was all in my head

Needless to say, Grande’s songs truly are creating a buzz among fans. They just can’t stop talking about how great the song is and how relatable the lyrics are!