Lucy Hale Is Starring In A Horror Movie & The Trailer Will Make You Scream

by Ani Bundel

Like the name "Troma" in the 1980s, the word Blumhouse has become one that signals a certain type of horror film. The production company, founded by Jason Blum, has been responsible for a slew of popular horror films, including the Insidious and Purge series, plus other fare like Split, Sinister, and The Gift. The most successful to date was Jordan Peele's Get Out which might just get an Oscar nomination this month. Now they're back with a new could-be series and the Truth Or Dare trailer starring Lucy Hale.

Point of order: The movie's name, up until a week ago, was Truth or Dare, and most are still calling it that. But with Get Out's success, and the illustrious aura of getting an old school horror flick into the Golden Globes, they're trying to up the ante by calling it Blumhouse's Truth or Dare. (This could also be just a matter of keeping it clear that this is not a re-release of Madonna's Truth or Dare, which considering the '90s nostalgia wave, could totally be a thing that happens in 2018.)

As for the film, like most of Blumhouse's other films, it's not exactly high concept. It goes a little something like this:

  1. Teenagers play Truth or Dare.
  2. Teenagers start dying.
  3. ?????
  4. Profit.

I shouldn't make fun of horror like this. The truth is, this film could do remarkably well, or at least have about 17 sequels. Horror as a genre made a rip roaring comeback last year. Not only was Get Out a right-on-the-nose horror film that put racism on display and then turned it into a genius horror flick, but Stephen King also made a major comeback with the remake of IT into a two-part film.

So making movies in the horror genre might just be a license to print money, especially if one can keep the overhead pretty low, as this film seems to have done. The stress of the Trump administration has made those who feel powerless crave something that would suggest order and stability as a few good teenagers triumph over a murderous psychopath. And besides, it's easier to go get your scare on in a theater where it's actors pretending to die on screen in funny ways, instead of not being able to sleep for the terror that we might all die in a nuclear attack because a certain man is insecure about body part size.

Starring Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars fame and Tyler Posey of MTV's Teen Wolf, this is one of those film that starts out on a bad night, where they all decide instead of doing the sensible thing and staying home where it's safe, they go down to a dark room that's not about to pass OSHA standards of safety and play "Truth or Dare" along with a supernatural being, because that always turns out well. I know we're trying for inclusiveness here, but perhaps that doesn't have to extend to the angry undead? (Hey, no one said teenagers had a whole lot of common sense.)

As a bonus feature, not only do we have the terrible results of the game itself, but the camera effect have fun contorting the heck out of the pretty actor faces into creepy Snapchat horror faces when assigning the deadly dares. Because we all know there's one thing that scares old people: Technology that contorts faces that they don't understand how to work.

Blumhouse's Truth or Dare will arrive in theaters everywhere on April 27, 2018, Although, I'm not sure how well it will stand in the box office with Avengers: Infinity War arriving only a week later...