'A Million Little Things' Revealed A Massive Twist, So Things Are About To Get Complicated

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This post contains spoilers for the Oct. 31 episode of A Million Little Things. By this point on A Million Little Things, Jon's widow Delilah has established herself as a fairly isolated person. Although Rome's wife Regina is her best friend and she still has feelings for Eddie, viewers learned last week that Delilah kept a major secret mostly under wraps because of its complicating repercussions. The rest of the gang found out about her pregnancy in the new episode "Unexpected," but the truth about Delilah's baby's father in A Million Little Things will change their lives even more.

As Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) was having an affair with Eddie (David Giuntoli) leading up to the death of Jon (Ron Livingston), it was easy to assume that Eddie was the father of her child when Regina (Christina Moses) revealed that the used pregnancy test the guys found belonged to Delilah. Of course, there was always a slim possibility of Jon being the father, but when surprise pregnancies are introduced in the wake of an affair, the father usually isn't the woman's husband. After all, why else would writers toss married characters into an affair, right?

However, when Rome (Romany Malco) spilled about Delilah's pregnancy minutes into "Unexpected," Delilah quashed the obvious answer and told Eddie the baby was Jon's.

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Understandably, this wasn't what Eddie or the audience was expecting. Having believed that Jon and Delilah weren't sleeping together, Eddie was crushed, and Delilah's angst about the future didn't put her in a happy state either. She confided to Ashley (who still has that blue envelope, BTW) that she wasn't sure she was ready to raise a new child alone. Delilah then called Gary (James Roday) to accompany her to the doctor's office, where she planned to have an abortion.

In a sneaky twist, the episode showed Delilah in the middle of her procedure, but after leaving the office, she told Gary she didn't go through with it. Later, at Eddie's first sober gig, he promised Delilah that he'd support her even though the child wasn't his. In another unexpected move, Delilah then dropped a major bombshell — she's actually pregnant with Eddie's baby, but because of their kids and Eddie's relationship with Katherine, Delilah felt too overwhelmed to tell him the truth before. Eddie immediately agreed that everyone else had to believe that the baby was Jon's.

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Um, what? Is Eddie not concerned with Delilah's lies or the way she's persistently pushed him away since Jon's death? Seeing as Delilah initially told Eddie about the father in confidence, she should have felt comfortable enough to share her true feelings. If these two were planning to leave their spouses for each other, wouldn't Delilah trust Eddie enough to handle the truth and her wish to pass off the child as Jon's? However, grief does affect people's mindsets, and since the gang is still in the throes of mourning Jon, I suppose Delilah's questionable decision-making can be forgiven for now.

While the episode didn't explain why Delilah decided to keep the baby, perhaps she'll tackle that reasoning whenever she tells her kids the big news. For their sake, Delilah and Eddie insisting that Jon is the father is wise, but if the rest of the friends discover the truth, we can expect more chaos to ensue.

Season 1 of A Million Little Things continues on Wednesday, Nov. 7, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.