If You Hate Long Flights, You Really Need These Travel Hacks In Your 20s

by Ciara Johnson

Lets be real here, being stuck on an airplane for a long flight is never an exciting part of any travel plan. All you really want to do is teleport to your vacation. Some people avoid traveling altogether if they know that their destination requires taking a long flight. However, some travelers are willing to sit in an airplane for hours if that means crossing a dream destination off of their bucket list. In my opinion, cramming into a tiny little seat is so worth it if it means getting to see the world. Thankfully, these travel hacks for long flights may make your time a bit more bearable.

Some lucky travelers manage to stay entertained with movies and books, or catch up on some sleep during their flight. Others are restless. Those who fall into the second category tend to dread long-haul flights the most. Unfortunately, if you have wanderlust and a strong desire to see the world, you have to deal with it.

If you're excited about your destination, then you shouldn't hesitate to do whatever it takes to stay comfortable along the way. These helpful travel hacks will keep you feeling good and entertained on your big flight.

Choose Your Seat Wisely
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The seat you choose has the potential to make or break your long-haul flight. Thankfully, you have the power to choose where you'll be sitting. Most airlines allow you to choose a seat when you book your flight, so you shouldn't have to worry about any surprises.

Consider which spot is most comfortable for you. If you choose the window seat, you'll be able to use the wall as a proper pillow. If you choose the middle seat, you'll have the comfort of both of your seat mates being beside you. If you choose the aisle seat, you've don't have to worry about crawling over people to get to the bathroom. Selecting the seat that's most comfortable for you can make all the difference in the world.

Pack The Perfect Carry-On

Imagine boarding a flight and realizing you forgot your headphones. Sounds tragic, right? Your flight is bound to go much smoother with the perfect carry-on in tow.

Bring fluffy socks if you tend to get cold easily. Pack lip balm and lotion to keep your skin moisturized while in the air. Your favorite books and music will help you stay entertained along the way, and your laptop will allow you to get work done. A neck pillow will avoid neck cramps after you land. Bring an eye-mask and ear plugs if you know you're a light sleeper. You might even consider bringing a change of undies for flights that exceed 24 hours. Your carry on essentials will keep you cozy and entertained for the duration of your flight, so pack it wisely.

Drink Water

According to the Aerospace Medical Association, be sure to drink around eight ounces of water every hour. Don't hesitate to ask flight attendants for more water when you need it. You can also try drinking liquids that have more electrolytes such as Gatorade and coconut water so you don't get dehydrated.

Dress Comfortably
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Feeling good is more important than looking good when it comes to long flights. Consider wearing your comfiest clothes on the flight. Avoid tight jeans or tops that are difficult to move around in. After all, you're going to be doing a lot of chillin'. There's no better time to wear your favorite leggings and hoodie. A comfy sweatshirt or sweat jacket in your carry-on is always a great idea, especially if you tend to get cold easily.

Don't let anything hold you back from seeing the world. These travel hacks will definitely help you be much more comfortable on your next long flight.