There's A Total Lunar Eclipse This Month & It'll Have You Bursting With Creative Energy

by Valerie Mesa

Another year, another eclipse season, but hey, who's counting, right? TBH, I'm not sure whether I should blame my love for the cosmos, or innate curiosity, for secretly looking forward to eclipses. We had a partial solar eclipse earlier this month, and now the total lunar eclipse in Leo 2019, which will be especially powerful, considering it's the last of the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series. Oh, and if you're interested in learning more about your magical eclipse story, think back to the summer of 2016, and how much you've evolved, in regards to your creativity, along with what makes you unique from the rest of the world.

As of August 2016, these powerful eclipses have illuminated the Leo-Aquarius axis, which in turn, shifted our general perception of public authority (Leo) and society altogether. (Aquarius) This eclipse energy is magical indeed, especially for those who can actually acknowledge their growth and progress. Think of it this way, my fellow stargazers: Leo is a symbol of our inner child, and creative essence. Aquarius, its polar opposite, is a representation of society, and our collective consciousness. Although these two zodiac signs seem completely different, they're actually incredibly similar, as their polarities ultimately go hand-in-hand.

Speaking of which, it's no coincidence this lunar eclipse will be taking place, just one day after the sun enters the sign of the water bearer, on Jan. 21. Think about it; full moons occur when the sun and the moon are directly across from each other, right? Well, the sun will be traveling through Aquarius, and the moon will be in zero degrees Leo. Now, according to, "a total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon," and blocks the sunlight from reaching the moon. That's when the sun officially casts the Earth's shadow over the moon's surface.

The Essence Of The Leo-Aquarius Eclipses

As some of you know, full moons are climatic points in our lives, whether it be the ending of a personal journey, or perhaps the very moment you are confronted with the truth.

This month's super blood moon and total lunar eclipse is indeed a powerful culmination, both collectively and personally speaking. For starters, the energy of Leo-Aquarius made it easier for us to tap into our creative self, and wholeheartedly share our unique light with the masses. Think about it: Haven't you noticed how people around you are finally coming out of their shells? Fact is, a lot of people have been experiencing artistic breakthroughs, and collaborating with like-minded groups, over the past three years.

Something else I want to point out is, Aquarius rules technology, and in the past three years, social media has become a creative space for unique expression and collaborations. People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds have courageously put themselves out there, utilizing social media as if it were their own virtual canvas. Remember, the stage and canvas stem from the energy of Leo, while the social network is Aquarius. In the end, the Leo-Aquarius eclipses that took place, played a crucial role in the overall personality of the internet, as well as in our society.

A Cosmic Celebration From The Heavens: Jan. 21, 2019

This month's total lunar eclipse will be making a square to electric Uranus, which could spark restlessness, impulsiveness, and for some, mood swings. On a brighter note, this could also come with exciting opportunities. However, stay tuned as you never really know what you're going to get with Uranus. Mercury the messenger, planet of communication and thought process, will also be making an opposition to the moon, which means some of us could be feeling a sense of nervousness, or perhaps uncertainty.

In the end, this magical lunation could be immensely rewarding, so make sure to stay present in the moment, and surrender to the new beginnings headed your way. Live in the now, stargazers.