The Top Honeymoon Destinations On Insta Will Make You & Your SO Swoon

Your honeymoon location is almost as important as the wedding itself. It's the first place you and your new partner will be vacationing after matrimony. And since it's such an iconic time, you're going to be taking pictures like crazy. You'll want to know the top honeymoon destinations on Instagram throughout the world, because you and your bae deserve the best.

Some of these places don't even seem real, because it looks like Mother Nature spent countless hours, or even years, painting such picturesque environments. You're still basking in those post-wedding butterflies and any of these magical places will keep your mind feeling even more delightful. Your honeymoon is that fresh, real, and fun one-on-one time with the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with.

Hitched, a UK wedding planning website, did its own research by looking at more than 8,000 Instagram pictures with the hashtags #Honeymoon and #Honeymooners. From there, it was able to pinpoint which places were frequented or mentioned the most, and compiled a list of honeymoon hot spots with the appropriate rankings. And just like that, picking your honeymoon just got a whole lot easier.

As unforgettable as the wedding may have been, you're making more captivating memories during your honeymoon. You'll go on other trips with your partner throughout your marriage, but the first one is truly something special when you consider the freshly said "I do's" that have recently left your lips. Clearly, you'll have your eyes on your new partner for most of the honeymoon, but any of these Instagram-worthy places may refocus your attention for a bit, too.

New York, New York
patchworkit on Twitter

Newlyweds are taking a bite of the Big Apple for their honeymoons. If you think about it, there are so many stunning sites to see. Your vacay with bae will be jam-packed.

Spend an afternoon snapping some gorgeous pics of the city from Top of The Rock in Rockefeller Center. Don't forget to venture out and scope out those not-so-knowledgeable gems of the city, and you'll have an unforgettable time.

Kuta, Indonesia
adhkaushal on Twitter

Your sunset pic game is about to be incredibly amplified if you and your partner are nestled in the sand with a backdrop like this. There's something so romantic about sunsets. Aside from your partner, you've found another sight that can take your breath away in Kuta.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
cntraveler on Twitter

The way these vibrant homes decorate the sides of the mountain in the Amalfi Coast seems unreal. The best time to visit this stunning seaside town is between May and October, according to Travel + Leisure. This hot spot gets super busy around that time, so start planning your vacation ASAP.

It's your honeymoon, so you deserve to do it up. Why not take a private sail around the island? You'll be beaching it by day and toasting fine wine with your seafood dinner by night.

Magoodhoo, Maldives
luxelifeadv on Twitter

Those stars, though. Did you ever think they could be that visible without a telescope? The tropical oasis that is Magoodhoo is calling your name — so listen to it!

Seriously, you and your partner would have the best romantic setting at a dinner like this. Pack that passport.

Rome, Italy
chiilplaces on Twitter

There is so much history to be seen and absorbed in Italy. You see those incredibly gorgeous posts of people studying abroad there all of the time and instantly get major wanderlust. Now it's prime time to serenade yourself in the same Instagram-worthy environment. Hit up the Trevi Fountain with your partner and make a wish or two!

Teleuknarat, Indonesia
nasim_smith on Twitter

An amazing view paired with turquoise waters and a white, sandy beach seems to be the underlying theme of these 'Gram-worthy pics. If you can manage to keep your eyes off each other — because newlywed captivation is oh-so-real — you'll get some really nice shots.

Ban Bang Bao, Thailand
top_10_travel on Twitter

What an amazing place to eat, huh? Thailand has so much to offer honeymooners, no matter what area you decide to stay in. Your pictures will surely leave onlookers speechless, especially with a lunch view like this one.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
justapack on Twitter

Maybe you've had your share of fun in Mexico during spring break trips with your girlfriends. This time, you'll have your partner by your side to get your beach fill. You two are going to have so much fun exploring together and taking in these majestic views.

Vaitape, French Polynesia
beauitfulearth on Twitter

Vaitape is killing the game when it comes to waterfront cabanas. That water is so clear and blue. Shots of you and your love paddleboarding is a must. You may even need to pack the GoPro for an exquisite trip like this.

Singapore, Republic Of Singapore
honeymoon_dream on Twitter

Sure, skylines are common in big cities, but seeing them in different countries is so captivating. Also, those pools that seem like they overlook the entire world are totally honeymoon material. Swoon, hun.

Mahibadhoo, Maldives
marisastravels on Twitter

Mahibadhoo in the Maldives is beyond dreamy. Limitless is exactly how you'll feel when you are holding your partner's hand seconds after taking a shot like this. That water is unbelievably gorgeous. Float into your vacation on a vibrant floaty while stealing some kisses from your sweetheart.

Faanui, French Polynesia
leptitvoyageur on Twitter

How is this majestic place even real?! Seriously, you could be relaxing on a lounge chair all day long taking all of this in, and your jaw would still be on the floor. This looks like an image taken straight out of a fairy tale that you and your SO need to be a part of.

There are many aspects to a honeymoon that can make it over the top and mind-blowing. The most important one will be holding your SO's hand through it all.