The Too Faced Black Friday Sale Is About To Make Your Eyes Pop, Literally

Black Friday has a way of unearthing these insanely amazing deals in the beauty industry. We are here for it, and since there's a time constraint, we are moving more swiftly than our makeup brushes. If you haven't seen the Too Faced Black Friday 2017 sale through their site, and other companies that carry their products, make sure you have something to hold onto... because these epic deals will seriously make you happy cry.

Some of those normal snags that would usually cost you a pretty penny are getting a sweet discount makeover. These products are getting dolled up in an admirable shade of affordable, and blushed with bargain. Literally, those products you continuously swoon over from Too Faced are about to enter your life at such a low cost, you'll pinch yourself to make sure you aren't dreaming in matte and primer.

Anyway, be mindful and thankful that these products are sold in more places than one, because that tiny detail is coming in clutch this year. From mascaras to primers to lavish matte lipsticks, Too Faced was sure to help us cross things off of our "treat yo self" Christmas list. Feast your eyes on the very products that are about to bless your makeup box and not cost you a fortune. Happy shopping, all.

$14 Better Than Sex Ultimate Mascara Set
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The only thing better than a single mascara is the option to have a whole pack designed to help the cause. Seriously, is this even legal?!

Too Faced is known for their superb mascara, and now you can also get the waterproof mascara and a cleanser in a three piece kit (for only $14) to help you get that resistant stuff off. Waterproof isn't the easiest to get off, so if you can get both, why not? Your eyes are about to pop every single day with this trifecta.

The Better Than Sex Ultimate Mascara set deal is available at Ulta starting Thanksgiving Day, online at 5 p.m. CT and 6 p.m. in stores.

Two For $30 Melted And Melted Matte Lipsticks
Too Faced

According to Allure, these amazing melted mattes will be two for $30. The deal should be available on the Too Faced website come Black Friday.

Choose from a variety of vibrant colors. It may be a little difficult to get just two, so if you have room to splurge a bit and want to experiment with different colors, definitely go for it. You can't deny the appeal of matte lipsticks — the ease of not fearing that everything you touch with your lips will be smeared with your lipstick. No one recovers from that senseless loss of makeup. For real, no one.

Buy A Full Size Better Than Sex Mascara, And Your Second Item Is 50 Percent Off
Too Faced

The emphasis on the deals for the mascara by Too Faced should signal how popular it is. This product is about to sell like wildfire.

According to Allure, this is a Black Friday deal on the Too Faced site. What a luxury it is to sit at home and buy some of your favorite items at a discounted rate. It almost doesn't seem fair that we get to eat as much pumpkin pie as we please, and subsequently load our makeup bags with amazing products. Oh, and let's not forget the other cherry on top of all of these shenanigans: Cyber Monday.

Too Faced Primers For $20
Too Faced

Those precious primers that give you that fresh face, even if you went through hell the night before, are going to all be $20 on the Too Faced site, as reported by Allure. Too Faced is really going to have some insane traffic on their site come this Black Friday. How could they not?

Ladies, be sure to wipe that cranberry sauce off of your lip before you rush to your laptop this Black Friday. Geese, why are all of these magnificent "holiday" activities so close together? Beauty deals are worth our super hero hustle, though. We're totally ready.

Black Friday beauty deals are almost better than Christmas itself. If Santa brings us some of those beauty buys as well, we definitely won't be complaining. The more the merrier.