Swifties Are Convinced Taylor Swift's Upcoming Album Is Name-Dropped In This Subtle "ME!" Reference

Leah Puttkammer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since the highly-anticipated release of "ME!" on Friday, April 26, fans have taken to social media to swap theories about what to expect from Taylor Swift's upcoming seventh studio album. There's a lot to clues to unpack from the accompanying music video, but just based off the visuals and the more pop-centric sound of "ME!," it looks like TS7 will be a very different animal than 2017's Reputation. Fans are already sharing their thoughts on the name of Swift's upcoming album, and the theory that Taylor Swift's TS7 album is called Awesome has this one "ME!" reference to thank for its origins.

The buzz started when, shortly after dropping the "ME!" music video on YouTube, Swift herself took to the video's comments section to share a major hint about the moniker of her soon-to-be-released musical compilation. She teased via her Vevo account, "So... the new album title is actually revealed somewhere in the video AND so is the title of the second single, but I haven’t seen people finding them yet..."

Swifties swiftly jumped on the challenge, and after scanning the "ME!" music video and dissecting the lyrics for clues, they have a few theories. The most popular one that's circulating is that the name of the "Wildest Dreams" hitmaker's seventh studio album will be Awesome, based on the fact that she sings "You can't spell awesome without 'me'" in the song. Considering that "ME!" is the lead single in her upcoming album, this makes total sense, as does her otherwise random spoken line "Spelling is fun." Swift is no stranger to upping the ante before she releases new music, and this would be a clever way to point fans in the right direction.

Oh, plus there's also the fact that she's been spotted two different times wearing shirts stamped with the word "Awesome," which look like they're from the same line as her "ME!" merch. Talk about some major name-dropping action.

I'm just saying, the evidence is pretty convincing.

Fans also aired some theories about the potential title of Swift's second single, which she'll hopefully be releasing sooner rather than later (fingers crossed). Swifties pointed to the fact that she spelled out the name is giant neon letters (literally), because there's a pink light-up sign that reads "Lover" at the 1:55 mark in the video. As far as Easter eggs go, it seems to be a pretty good indication that we'll be seeing a track of the same name.

Sadly, there's no telling when the "Look What You Made Me Do" hitmaker will be releasing her highly-anticipated second single or her seventh album, so it looks like Swifties will have to listen to "ME!" on repeat in the meantime and comb the music video for any possible clues. Could a Tay/Dixie Chicks collaboration be in the works for the album, as some fans are hypothesizing, and is there a special reason why there's a Christmas tree in the "ME!" music video? Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to wait for TS7 to drop to find out.