It Looks Like The Original 'Teen Titans' Series Is Getting A Reboot & Fans Will Be Pumped

Warner Bros

There are are ton of things for Teen Titans fans to be excited about right now. The Teen Titans Go! offshoot has a movie in theaters, and the gritty, live-action Titans series is set to bring the superhero team to life in a couple of months. But most exciting of all are the rumblings of a reboot of the original Teen Titans animated series. You heard right: the Teen Titans might just be returning in the form that most TV viewers know them best.

The Teen Titans series that aired on The WB and Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2006 is perhaps the most widely known and beloved iteration of the teenaged superhero team. The series walked the line between goofiness and grittiness, showing Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy fighting supervillains in order to save the world. The show lasted for five seasons, but its currently-airing spinoff series Teen Titans Go! was not as well received by the original series fans, since the spinoff eschewed all darkness and drama to focus solely on silliness, aiming for a younger demographic. But fans have the Teen Titans Go! offshoot to thank for the possible return of the original Teen Titans for a long-awaited sixth season.

The post-credits scene for the newly released Teen Titans Go! to the Movies film pretty heavily hints at a return of the original series. In the brief scene, fans can see the Titans animated in the style of the 2003 series, as Raven says through feedback, "They need to know we're still here," and Robin promises "We think we've found a way back." I mean, do they have to spell it out any more for us?

Although nothing has been officially confirmed by Warner Brothers or Cartoon Network yet, the post-credits scene seems to be a clear confirmation that some sort of a Teen Titans reboot is in the works. Adding fuel to the fire, Beast Boy voice actor Greg Cripes tweeted (but then deleted) a message that seemed to confirm something big involving the original Teen Titans was coming. Raven voice actress Tara Strong also tweeted last month that Warner Bros. told the cast if Teen Titans Go! to the Movies performed well, the original Teen Titans series would get picked up for a sixth season.

The promising news should come as a welcome surprise to fans of the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon, which ran for 65 episodes before ending. But of course, this potential reboot is only one of the several things going on with the Teen Titans franchise right now. The spinoff series Teen Titans Go! is currently in the middle of its fifth season on Cartoon Network, and DC Entertainment just dropped its first trailer for the live-action series Titans a couple of weeks ago. The upcoming show is taking Teen Titans to the complete opposite end of the spectrum than Teen Titans Go!: turning the heroes' story into a gory, R-rated noir. Titans will premiere on the new streaming service DC Universe later in 2018.

Keep your eyes peeled for an official confirmation about a Teen Titans reboot any day now.