The 'Stargirl' Trailer Is Here To Make All Your YA Dreams Come True

by Ani Bundel

Disney+ had an excellent launch for the final quarter of 2019. Between High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and The Mandalorian, the streaming service started with so many subscribers the first day, it crashed. But it's 2020 now, and both of these headliner series have finished their Season 1 runs. With no more Star Wars shows until at least February and nothing from Marvel until summer, what is there to watch? Luckily, the Stargirl trailer is here for fans to get excited about.

For those who aren't aware, two projects are coming in early 2020 by the name of Stargirl. One is over on the CW and is based on the DC Comics character, as part of the DC "Arrowverse" slate of shows. That's not this one.

This is the other one, which is not a TV series, but a Disney+ original film, based on the Jerry Spinelli novels. It stars Grace VanderWaal as Susan "Stargirl" Caraway, a formerly homeschooled outcast who marches to the beat of her own drum. (Or, to be specific, her own ukulele, but the metaphor still stands.) Graham Verchere plays Leo Borlock, who falls in love with her. Their relationship is what kickstarts this coming-of-age drama.

Check out the trailer:

The film is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who is best known for the first (and best) of the Twilight films. It co-stars Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian) as Leo's mentor, Archie Brubaker.

Here's the official synopsis:

Leo Borlock (Graham Verchere) is an average student at Mica High School. He gets decent grades, is a member of the school’s marching band, and has always been content flying under the radar. But all that changes when he meets Stargirl Caraway (Grace VanderWaal), a confident and colorful new student with a penchant for the ukulele, who stands out in a crowd. She is kind, finds magic in the mundane, and touches the lives of others with the simplest of gestures. Her eccentricities and infectious personality charm Leo and the student body, and she quickly goes from being ignored and ridiculed to accepted and praised, then back again, sending Leo on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

No word yet if Disney+ plans to also make the sequel, Love, Stargirl, into a film, but fans are hopeful if this film does well to have more of VanderWaal as Stargirl in the future.

Stargirl premieres March 13, streaming on Disney+.