The Spring Break Bucket List Item You Should Try, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The best time of the year is quickly approaching: You'll finally have a chance to escape the dreadful snowy tundra that is winter, and enjoy some well-deserved R&R in a (hopefully) sunny paradise without a worry in the world. You guessed it, fam — spring break is right around the corner. And no matter where you're going or what elaborate excursions you've booked with your friends, it's pretty much essential to have at least one spring break bucket list item that you absolutely have to check off before you return home from vacation.

You and your friends might be ambitious as hell, drafting bucket lists for your vacay that are basically as long as the Declaration of Independence, but TBH, there's only so much you can do in the span of a single week. To guarantee you'll make the most of your spring break, you're better off narrowing your wishlist down to a single bucket list item. And what better way to figure out that one special item than by tapping into the unique characteristics of your zodiac sign?

Between soaking up all the sun rays and sipping on fruity margs, make some time to try a zodiac-based spring break bucket list item that will make this year's vacation the best one yet.

Aries Should Pull An All-Nighter

Aries chicks love a good challenge, so an all-nighter will be right up your alley.

I mean, you're already on spring break, and you don't want to miss a single minute of the incredible vacay, so you might as well stay up all night long with your besties and savor the trip of a lifetime.

Taurus, Go To A Fancy Dinner With Your Squad

Taurus gals are all about relaxing, resetting, and treating themselves, so hitting up a luxurious restaurant with an extensive and delicious menu will be just the kind of fulfilling night out you're looking for.

Go all out on this one, my friend. Your bank account may cringe a little, but your happy belly sure won't.

Gemini Will Be So Down To Make Some New Friends

Geminis are personable AF, and they're never one to be shy when it comes to new crowds. This will be your prime strength to play on come spring break, and your bucket list item will to be to return home having made a few new friends and plenty of rad connections.

How many new friends, you ask? The limit does not exist.

Cancer, You're Going To Need All The Souvenirs

Cancer, your bucket list item will be to do some major souvenir shopping. It'll probably start off with you buying some casual trinkets for friends and loved ones, but by the end of your trip, you'll find yourself with an empty wallet because of all of the random, pointless sh*t you purchased to decorate your room with.

I mean, your sign is a major homebody, and there's nothing more sacred to you than your personal space. You just can't help yourself!

Leo, Have An Underwater Photoshoot

Leo, you know you're always dying to be the star of the show, so this spring break, have you or one of your friends buy a cheap, disposable underwater camera, and take your selfie game to the next level. When you get those babies developed, you'll have some seriously awesome memories right at your fingertips.

Oh, and your Insta game will be so strong.

Virgo, Let Loose And Go Skinny Dipping

Oh sweet Virgo, it's time to let loose, sister.

Strip down to your birthday suit and sprint into the ocean. Whether you do this solo or with some pals is totally up to you, but trust me, it'll feel so freaking freeing and rejuvenating, and you'll be glad you checked this bad boy off your bucket list.

Libras Are Going To Be Hitting Up Karaoke

Libra ladies are typically laid-back, peaceful, and totally harmonious. However, come spring break, your bucket list task is going to be to let that wild child inside of you come out to play. Let it all out with some karaoke at the nearest bar.

Don't hold back, woman! You are the star tonight.

Scorpio, Kiss A Stranger, My Friend

Everyone knows this bucket list item is going to be a no-brainer for a sensual Scorpio. They need to let out their, um, passion, somehow, right?

Throw caution to the wind this spring break, walk right up to a stranger you're vibin' with, and give them a big ol' smooch on the lips. It is spring break, after all; it's not like you'll ever see them again, right?

Sagittarius Can Be Found Dancing On A Table

Sagittarius signs are known to be incredibly adventurous and free-spirited. When you hit the bars with your girls during spring break, make it your mission to get up on a table and dance it out.

You'll have the best time busting out some killer moves, and your energy is sure to be totally contagious.

Capricorns Will Be The Videographer Of The Trip

Capricorns are always the mom of any group they're in, and that personality trait is especially going to come in handy during spring break when you're the only one who can remember to document the trip.

You're sometimes hesitant to whip out your camera and snap those photos, but this year, just do your thing and don't let anyone make you feel bad for shoving a camera in their face. When you all get home, they'll be grateful that someone actually remembered to capture the memories.

Aquarius, Try Something New And Adventurous

An Aquarius chick is totally unpredictable and curious AF, which will ultimately lead her to the bucket list item of trying something completely new and wildly exciting come spring break.

Bungee jumping, parasailing, jet skiing — you name it, you check it off, girl.

Pisces, Kick Back And Relax (For Once)

A Pisces gal thrives most when she can unwind in peaceful solitude. So, put on your shades, set up a beach chair, and grab your favorite fruity drink, my friend.

It might not seem like much of a bucket list item, but when you're working so hard every day, total relaxation is such an amazing goal to set for yourself. Time to get blissed out.