The Wilds

Here Are All The Songs From Amazon's Hit New Show, 'The Wilds'

by Ani Bundel

Amazon's latest teen series, The Wilds, is a show that hits the sweet spot between those who love teen dramas on The CW and fans of Survivor. The story features a group of teen girls on their way to a female empowerment retreat when their plane crashes on a deserted island. Now, this group of young women, all from profoundly different upbringings and backgrounds, must build a functioning society among themselves to survive. The songs on The Wilds Season 1 soundtrack reflect the turmoil everyone has over this challenging situation.

With so much angst built into the premise, The Wilds' soundtrack was always going to include emotional bops. But fans didn't know how much music would be featured — or if an album would follow. Some shows, like Hulu's Normal People and Netflix's The Witcher, do put out official Spotify playlists or albums, but it's not always the case. But The Wilds had the bonus of being an Amazon production. As older fans will remember, Amazon started as a place to buy CDs through the mail and has, over time, transformed that part of the business into a music streaming service. So, it was only natural for Amazon Music to assemble a playlist of the songs in the series and then release it on Spotify as well.

Here's the full official playlist for Season 1 of The Wilds.

  1. "Broken" Empress Of
  2. "Deadly Valentine" Charlotte Gainsbourg
  3. "Raise Your Glass" P!nk
  4. "Good Intentions" Jennifer O'Connor
  5. "I Won't Hurt You" The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
  6. "Reckoner" Radiohead
  7. "Old Dream" Paul Bergmann
  8. "Pretty Waste" Bones UK
  9. "Tu Vuo' Fa L'americano" Renato Carosone
  10. "Angeles" Elliott Smith
  11. "Grrrl Like" Dope Saint Jude
  12. "Fallen Angel" Poison
  13. "School" Nirvana
  14. "O Come All Ye Faithful" Hannah Kerr
  15. "O Holy Night" Josh Groban
  16. "Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch" Missy Elliott
  17. "Oh Damn" Haley Reinhart
  18. "Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G major" Yo-Yo Ma
  19. "Sway" Ceraadi
  20. "The Ghost In You" Robyn Hitchcock
  21. "That Ain't You" Black Moon
  22. "Cake By The Ocean" DNCE
  23. "Worries" Rosa Pullman
  24. "Walk On the Wild Side" Lou Reed
  25. "Only God Knows" Young Fathers feat. Leith Congregational Choir
  26. "God Flex" Tedashii feat. Trip Lee
  27. "Girl Blunt" Leikeli47
  28. "Any Man Of Mine" Shania Twain
  29. "Starships" Nicki Minaj
  30. "Oh No" Softee
  31. "Me and the Devil" Soap&Skin
  32. "Feels Like Heaven" Ariel Pink
  33. "Aquarela do Brasil" Erasmo Carlos

The Wilds Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video now.