The Crown

The Songs On 'The Crown's Season 4 Soundtrack Are Major '80s Bops

After three seasons spanning three decades, Netflix's The Crown has finally reached one of the royal family's defining eras: the 1980s. Olivia Colman opened Season 3 as Queen Elizabeth, reminding viewers the only constant is change. However, there's a massive difference in the series with this new installment, and it's all about the tunes. For the first time, modern rock music has taken the forefront in The Crown, staring with the Season 4 trailer in which The Smith's "How Soon Is Now" brings modernity to the royal family. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. The songs on The Crown's Season 4 soundtrack are part of the change that comes with Lady Diana Spencer's entrance into the fold.

Warning: Spoilers for The Crown Season 4 follow. The Crown's first episode might not seem very rock and roll. The show opens with the theme written by German film composer Hans Zimmer (Inception). And the music in the background, composed by Martin Phipps, seems as stately and operatic as ever, especially during Lord Mountbatten's funeral.

But then, when Charles calls Diana to ask her out on a date, Blondie's hit "Call Me" blasts out of a record player. It may seem a bit of practical set-up; after all, Diana is at home in her flat listening to records when he calls. But it's a signal that Charles has called someone who's coming from a very different place and bringing a different sound along with her.

As Diana impacts the lives of those around her, '80s bops seem to follow, from Duran Duran in her walkman to Billy Joel for Charles' birthday. Here's a full list of all the popular songs The Crown Season 4 hits throughout 10 episodes. Your feel-good Spotify playlist is about to get some throwback gems.

  1. "Call Me" - Blondie
  2. "Edge of Seventeen" - Stevie Nicks
  3. "Girls on Film" - Duran Duran
  4. "Song for Guy" - Elton John
  5. "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" - Boys Town Gang
  6. "Boys Don't Cry" - The Cure
  7. "Monkey Man"- The Specials
  8. "Twenty-Four Hours" - Joy Division
  9. "Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret" - The English Beat
  10. "Let's Dance" - David Bowie
  11. "Fite Dem Back" - Linton Kwesi Johnson
  12. "Inglan Is A Bitch" - Linton Kwesi Johnson
  13. "Uptown Girl" - Billy Joel
  14. "Crazy Little Thing" - Queen
  15. "All I Ask of You" - The Phantom Of The Opera
  16. "Love is A Stranger" - Eurythmics

Somehow, I don't think this is the last the show will hear from Elton John.

The Crown Season 4 is on Netflix now.