Lil Nas X, who's song in Logitech's Super Bowl commercial, "Montero," is unreleased.

There's A Brand New Lil Nas X Song In This Super Bowl Commercial, But There's A Catch


Ever since Lil Nas X became an overnight sensation thanks to "Old Town Road," fans have been desperate for even more music from the singer-songwriter. The 21-year-old has released a bunch of other hits since, and now, his latest track is bound to get people talking. That's because Lil Nas X's song "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" is in Logitech's 2021 Super Bowl commercial, but it hasn't even been released yet. (I know, I'm just as upset as you are.)

The ad begins with the star rocking a matching blue hairstyle and outfit. As Lil Nas X's new song plays in the background, viewers see footage of people using Logitech computer accessories. After reciting a voiceover about defying creative expectations, Lil Nas X concludes, "To create the future, we must defy the logic of the past. We must defy logic." If you use Shazam or another song-identifying app to figure out the song playing during the commercial, Nas' "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" pops up quickly. But the song hasn't dropped, and there's no word on when it'll drop, either.

Lil Nas X seems like might be getting a kick out of fan reaction to the song not being available, too. On Feb. 2 when the ad was first released, a fan wrote on Twitter, "How is n***a using this song for an ad before he releases it," to which Lil Nas X simply hit retweet. Nas also retweeted one of his own tweets from Jan. 27 that read, "you’re almost there i promise. i know you’re tired but keep going u little b*st*rd. :)" Maybe that's a clue it's coming soon? Or it could just be me trying to will it into existence.

Fans may not know the song's title actually has a super personal meaning for Lil Nas X: Montero is his real name. As the rapper explained during a Jan. 7 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, his mom named him after her dream car. "So my mom wanted the car, the [Mitsubishi] Montero, and she never got one," he told the late night host. "So yeah, I'm named after a car."

When Lil Nas X admitted he hadn't come up with a title for his upcoming album, Fallon suggested Montero. The musician seemed into the idea, telling the late-night host, "You know, that's actually a great name. I think I'm gonna use that." It might not end up being the title of Lil Nas X's album, but he certainly took the suggestion to heart.