Next Week's 'Sharp Objects' Episode Promo Will Make You Wish It Was Already Sunday


It feels only right that the last few episodes of Sharp Objects will culminate alongside the sweltering summer season slowing down. Just as August heat feels more brutal than that of its predecessors, each episode of HBO's Southern Gothic miniseries Sharp Objects becomes even more intense and haunting than the last. In Episode 6, "Cherry," the sisterly relationship between Amma and Camille intensified as Amma cozied up to Camille and what her St. Louis past represented, but the Sharp Objects Episode 7 promo suggests that Adora recaptures her hold on Amma, while Camille seemingly hits her breaking point. Can it be Sunday already?

In "Cherry," Camille and Amma had the most twisted sisterly outing you've probably seen, hitting up a house party together before Amma confessed that none of her friends like her and that she wanted to go back to St. Louis with Camille. Meanwhile, Mommie Dearest Adora was tired of Camille being around, but the journalist wanted to stay for more investigation into Wind Gap's murder case, which Adora seemed to know more about than she initially let on to Detective Richard Willis. Police uncovered murder victim Ann Nash's bike from where a factory worker saw John Keene dumping it, while Richard also learned that Adora refused to have an autopsy performed on her daughter Marian years before.

On its website, HBO describes the series' penultimate episode, "Falling," with the following synopsis:

Camille crosses a line in her investigation of the prime suspect. Richard coaxes Jackie to offer up info.

With world-building formalities like the uncomfortable Calhoun Day now out of the way, the show is clearly beginning to cut to the chase with the murders at the heart of its story and, in Richard's case, uncover the truth about Marian's death. In the Episode 7 promo, Amma reveals that her favorite part of getting wasted is that "Mama takes care of me after," suggesting that her clinginess toward Camille may not last much longer. In a moment where she appears to be nursing Amma, Adora emphasizes "the luminous sweet before the bitter," perhaps foreshadowing the even darker turn the show will take for its finale.

The trailer also runs more quickly than past promos, fueling fans' anticipations for an action-packed story in next week's episode. Police barge into the room of someone who resembles John Keene, while Camille cries in her car and appears to run out of the house with someone shouting at her from behind. While The Express wonders if Adora citing the sweet before the bitter means that "Falling" will be a lighthearted episode before a tough finale, the promo's quick-paced footage assures that this isn't the case.

As for Camille's relationship with her body, the tone surrounding her scars seems conflicted in "Falling." In a moment of the trailer, someone reaches for her wrist and Camille pulls her arm away, but later on, another person — Richard? — tenderly strokes the scars on her back. Maybe Camille completely shuts down Adora and her opinions about Camille's body, prompting Camille to leave the house in a rush, as we see in the promo. Or, Camille could discover her mother has an undeniable link to the murder case, which explains HBO's official tease of her crossing a line in the investigation.

At this point, more than a few clues are pointing to the murderer being a woman, and Camille has reasons to suspect that her family is involved with the gritty details of two local girls' deaths. While the ultimate reveal may be saved for Episode 8, it looks like Episode 7 is bound to answer some of our questions about who is behind the Wind Gap murders.

Sharp Objects returns on Sunday, Aug. 19, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.