The Rose family from Schitt's Creek.

The 'Schitt's Creek' Mansion Is For Sale At $15 Million, If You're Interested

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Although the Rose family spend most of Schitt's Creek living in a humble Rosebud Motel suite, fans know they previously resided in an ultra-glamorous mansion. If you've ever dreamed of their life of luxury, listen up: The Schitt's Creek mansion is now for sale, and it could be yours for a casual $15 million.

Over the course of the series, viewers got a few peeks at the lavish lifestyle the Roses led before losing their fortune. The show itself opens as the government kicks them out of their old mansion. The house appeared again in the Season 4 special "Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose," which featured a flashback to one of the Roses' fancy holiday parties.

Even if living like your favorite TV family isn't in the cards for you, it's still fun to peruse the super-extra Schitt's Creek mansion in all its glory. The Toronto property, which is known in real life as the La Belle Maison, features 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and spans a whopping 24,000 square feet. It officially hit the market in January, but it's been on and off the market for years.

According to NME, the three-story estate was designed to resemble Versailles, complete with a grand marble staircase and a ceiling covered with Sistine Chapel-esque fresco paintings. If that's not enough to sell you on the place, it also has a home theater, a wine cellar, indoor and outdoor pools, and a golf simulation system. You could basically vacation from the comfort of your own home.

If you would rather stick to rewatching Schitt's Creek while browsing online property listings to your heart's content, though, you're not alone. The beloved comedy gained a massive following after hitting Netflix U.S. in 2017; the show solidified its place in comedy royalty when it took home all seven of the big comedy awards at the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Who knows? Maybe someday fans will see the La Belle Maison onscreen again as part of a Schitt's Creek reunion. Star and co-creator Dan Levy certainly hasn't ruled out the idea of a spinoff. “If there is an idea that pops into my head it has to be really freaking good because this is a nice way to say goodbye," he told Variety in September 2020, fresh off the show's Emmy wins. "Fingers crossed we get a nice idea popping into our head soon… I would love to work with these people again.”

Schitt's Creek is streaming now on Netflix.