7 Uh-Oh Moments Every Sarcastic Girl Has Found Herself In At Least Once

If every time you open your mouth, your friends are either laughing hysterically on the floor, or claiming they don't know you — you're the sarcastic girl in the friend crew (and proud of it, too). Sarcasm is one quality that many people have mixed feelings about, which is why the sarcastic girl has found herself in these awkward, uh-oh moments more than once.

There's no secret society for people who are sarcastic. They're spread far and wide, slaying their "who the heck cares" wings in a location near you. Most people aren't trying to be sarcastic; it's simply second nature to them. The sarcastic girl in the friend crew isn't afraid to say it like it is, and she's used to the heat she receives for some of her comments.

The adventures of a sarcastic girl are hilarious to look back on, but when they're actually unfolding, she's not laughing. It's sort of the curse of having the gift of sarcasm. It can't always benefit you, because so many things in life come with downsides, too. If you're the sarcastic girl, you've likely experienced these uh-oh moments at least once along your path of hilarious and extremely witty candor.

When Someone Took Your Sarcasm Way Too Literally

Sarcasm is digested differently for everyone. And when you're sarcastic, you aren't necessarily trying to articulate everyone's feelings before the words flow out of your mouth. There will be those people, mark my words, who take your sarcasm way too literally. The only way to counteract these people is to advise them to simply laugh it off.

When Your Teacher Caught You Saying Something Under Your Breath

Again, sarcasm is instantaneous, and when you were in school, there wasn't a sensor. Think back, and I am certain you'll remember getting talked to after class because of the slip of the tongue. Oh, and let's not forget the tedious punishment of having to write lines.

When Someone Tried To Hit On You And Didn't Catch Onto Your Sarcasm

Thankfully for sarcastic girls, blowing off people who are trying to hit on you is usually super simple. Of course, your intention isn't to be mean; you just whip out that blunt candor you use on the regular. A few times, though, the person on the other end didn't fully comprehend that wit, and then you had to go into full detail that you just weren't interested. Oh, the struggles!

When You Got A Little Too Witty During An Intimate Moment With Bae

OK, being intimate with bae is a sensitive time, which means sarcasm doesn't typically mix well. Unfortunately, there's no way to safeguard sarcastic comments. There will be a time, if it hasn't happened already, when you're saying something a little too sarcastically and totally ruin the mood. Oops!

When Multiple People In The Same Room Called You Out For Having No Filter

Your sarcasm has enabled you to have thick skin. It might be one of you verses multiple people, but you have a pretty stern backing with sarcasm in your corner. Also, it can be pretty funny to think back on what hilarious comments they were outing you for.

When You Slipped Up In Front Of Your Parents

No matter how quickly you cover your mouth afterwards, there's no coming back from a sarcastic slip-up in front of your parents. If the look on their faces wasn't evidence enough, that tiny lecture afterwards made you realize exactly what you did. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but you gave me this mouth.

When Your "That's What She Said" Joke Was Super Obnoxious

Hey, don't blame yourself. The Office really introduced you to the world of "that's what she said." It can be super difficult to resist an opportunity to drop that hilarious joke. There were many times when your approach was way too spot-on and it ended up being super inappropriate or obnoxious.

Your sarcasm is never going to go away, but you really wouldn't want it to. Those awkward moments will pass, and you'll be onto the next wisecrack in no time.