Prince Harry shares a laugh with Queen Elizabeth.

The Royal Family's Silliest Moments Will Crack You Up

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Royal protocol can be pretty intense. Some of the most notable rules set in place by the British monarchy include always standing in the Queen's presence and avoiding PDA. But every once in a while, royal family members will let their hair down and have some fun. While it's a rarity, on occasion, they've gotten downright silly. The royal family's silliest moments are guaranteed to make you laugh.

The royal family are a tight-knit bunch, and they've perfected the practice of maintaining proper posture, curtsies, and tea-time etiquette. When they slip up, they're sure to get criticized, but when super-cool actor Meghan Markle joined the family in 2018, she gently bent the age-old royal protocol rules, and it seemed like other members of the family followed suit.

Slowly but surely, the world has begun to see a warmer side of the famous family, and, thanks to social media, many of the royals' candid moments have gone viral. After all, who said royals can't have fun?

Whether it's a quirky moment from Kate Middleton or a silly face from the Queen, these laughable moments from the royal family will make you love them even more.

1. When Princess Charlotte Stuck Her Tongue Out

In May 2018, the princess was feeling bold while en route to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and stuck her tongue out at paparazzi outside.


2. When Prince William Had An Impromptu Yoga Session

Prince William is a busy guy, but he still found time to break a sweat in May 2016 when he hit the ground to do yoga in jeans during the Audi Polo Challenge in Berkshire, England.

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3. When Prince Harry Made Friends With A Shark

Prince Harry makes friends everywhere he goes! In December 2015, Harry stopped by The Sharks rugby club at Kings Park Stadium in Durban, South Africa, and got up close and personal with their mascot.

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4. When Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Goofed Off Behind The Scenes

In December 2017, Meghan and Harry joked around off-camera following an interview with BBC news, showing a much more playful side than usual. The interview marked their first since announcing their engagement, and the two lovebirds couldn't stop smiling.

5. When Princess Charlotte Stuck Her Tongue Out, Yet Again

Princess Charlotte is quite the character. At the August 2019 King's Cup Regatta, she once again stuck her tongue out.

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6. When Prince Charles Pretended To Be Scared Of His Wife

Camila, Duchess of Cornwall, instilled a little fear in her husband during a winery tour in Australia in November 2015.

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7. When Kate Middleton Waved A Wand, Harry Potter Style

It looks like Kate just might be the ultimate Potterhead. In April 2013, Kate and William toured Warner Bros. Studio, and she got a little silly with one of the set props.

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8. The Time Princess Charlotte Smushed Her Face Against A Window

During the annual Trooping the Colour in 2019, Princess Charlotte eagerly looked on by pressing her face against a glass window, and it was hilariously captured by a photographer.

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9. When Meghan Markle Let Out an Unexpected Yelp

During an October 2018 trip to Melbourne, Australia, Meghan and Prince Harry received a demonstration about 3D printed cars. The demonstration ended up being louder than Meghan anticipated, and she jumped when the cars took off. Don't worry though, she totally laughed it off.

10. When Prince Harry Flashed This Face

At his father's wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles in April 2005, Prince Harry shared this laughable moment with the Queen.


11. When James of Wessex Stuck His Tongue Out at the Zoo

In July 2019, James of Wessex had an animal-filled adventure with his mom, and hilariously tried to mimic this giraffe.

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12. When Prince Harry Made This Face During a Game of Cricket

Prince Harry was photographed at the cricket club in October 2016, resulting in this epic moment.

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13. Harry Has Had Many Tongue-Out Moments Through the Years

The prince, once again, stuck his tongue out during a September 2016 football game. Seems to be a regular occurrence with the Prince is getting his exercise on.

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14. When Prince William Reacted To Water Being Splashed In His Face

At the April 2017 London Marathon, Prince William had water splashed right in his face. That being said, he seemed more amused than angry.

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15. When The Queen's Great-Granddaughter Was Simply Not Having It

Savannah Phillips, the great-granddaughter of the Queen, acted sillier than ever at 2018's Trooping the Colour parade alongside Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

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16. Phillips Deserved A Medal For Her Facial Expressions That Day

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17. When A Hockey Game Got So Intense Kate & Prince Edward Grimaced

Things at the 2014 Commonwealth Games were so heated, Kate and Edward were on the edge of their seats and made these faces.

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18. When Queen Elizabeth Made This Goofy Face

During the 1997 Royal Windsor Horse Show, Queen Elizabeth gave us this snapshot for the ages.

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19. The Time Prince Harry Got Attacked By A Bee

Prince Harry's wife couldn't help but laugh when a bee attacked him during a live speech at Prince Charles' 70th birthday party. You can watch the lighthearted moment at the 0:11 time stamp.

20. When Prince Harry Squeezed A Dog's Face

When it comes to dogs, royal protocol be damned. I dare you not to chuckle at this photo of Prince Harry pinching a pup's cheeks in Sussex in October 2018.

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