This Tiny Detail In The 'Riverdale' Finale Promo May Reveal Jughead's Fate


So, ummm, how are you Riverdale fans doing? Have you recovered from Wednesday night's episode yet? You are probably still reeling from that gruesome ending, but I have some good news for you: The promo for next week's season finale may help assuage your Jughead worries. Fans think that a tiny detail in the Riverdale Season 2 finale promo may reveal the truth about Jughead's fate.

Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen Riverdale Season 2 Episode 21 "Judgment Night" yet, don't continue reading. After that bombshell ending to the penultimate episode of Riverdale this season, every fan is asking the same question: Is Jughead OK!? After he handed himself over to the Ghoulies and Penny Peabody in an attempt to save the rest of the Southside Serpents, the rival gang mercilessly beat Jughead up, leaving just his limp, bloodied body for FP to find and carry out of the woods later that night.

After seeing Jughead's unmoving, blood-covered body in the last moments of the episode, Riverdale fans are incredibly worried that the show may kill him off in the Season 2 finale next week. After all, the series has been killing characters left and right this entire season, and it would make sense to end on a bang with the most shocking death yet. But now that the CW has released the first footage of the finale, fans are convinced that the promo teaser confirms Jughead is alive and well at the end of the season. Check out the Season 2 finale teaser for yourself below, and then we can get into the smaller details that fans keep talking about:

Did anything stick out to you? Well, something did to some of the more eagle-eyed and obsessive Riverdale superfans out there. A lot of fans are claiming that the person we see putting on Cheryl's red Serpents jacket is Jughead. Now, we only see this person's hands and part of his jacket, but honestly, the tiny glimpse really does look a lot like Jughead.


So, if those really are Jughead's hands, then that means he is totally alive and well! Although, other spoilers for the finale indicated that Jughead will survive, but be confined to a hospital bed for the entire finale. If those are Jughead's hands putting on Cheryl's jacket, it definitely does not look like he is in the hospital.

While that small moment is providing hope for a lot of fans, there's another detail in the trailer that caused some fans to worry even more. The opening shot shows Veronica, Archie, and Betty standing at a grave, and the fact that Betty is holding Jughead's hat clearly suggests that it is Jughead's grave.


But wait — what about the hands? And fans also pointed out that the finale episode description mentions Jughead still be around. What's going on with this grave scene then!?

Well, fans have a theory about that, too! Since most people are pretty confident that Jughead will survive the Ghoulies' attack, viewers are assuming that the graveyard scene is a fake-out. Perhaps Archie, Veronica, and Betty have agreed to pretend that Jughead was actually killed in order to drive the Ghoulies and Penny Peabody out of town somehow. I have no clue what the real plan behind faking Jughead's death might be, but I do feel like Riverdale is not going to kill him off. Then again, who knows what this show is going to do in order to make this season finale as shocking as possible... I'm starting to get pretty worried.

The Season 2 finale of Riverdale, entitled "Brave New World," will air on the CW on Wednesday, May 16.