The Real Reason Kanye West Was Underdressed At The Met Gala With Kim K Is Actually So Sweet

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian made a big splash at the Met Gala on Monday, May 6. She arrived at the Met Gala red carpet in a new Mugler couture design that was created just for her for this year's Gala. The idea behind the look was for Kardashian to look like a California girl coming right out of the ocean and onto the red carpet. Kanye West was with her as she made her appearance at fashion prom, but he was noticeably underdressed considering the event. But the reason Kanye West was underdressed at the Met Gala with Kim Kardashian was revealed in a new behind-the-scenes Vogue video that shows Kardashian doing her last Met fitting and getting her glam done day-of.

This year's Met Gala was a big milestone for Kardashian. She's been attending the Gala for years, and public perception of her has been different every time (as she pointed out on her Instagram story on Monday). This year, however, not only was she arriving in a couture dress exclusively designed for her by a man whom she says "invented camp," but she also is Vogue Magazine's current cover girl. She says in the video that arriving at the Met Gala under all of these circumstances in tow was a dream come true.

And Kanye West knew this, so rather than arrive in his own campy look, Kardashian revealed in the video that he wanted to let her shine, hence his underdressed look.

“My first Met year I was just his plus-one. I wasn’t really invited yet," Kardashian says in the video. "This year [Kanye said], ‘I'm just your plus-one. You’re the cover girl and I’m your plus-one, so I’ll just kind of fade out in the background and be your date and let you shine." Awwww, Kanye!

So that explains why Kim Kardashian arrived in a bespoke Mugler couture dress and West arrived in... a Dickie's jacket.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We will accept this Dickie's jacket because of the heckin' cute story behind it, Kanye. But I'm super upset with most of the other male attendees of the 2019 Met Gala and their looks! There are four Hunger Games movies filled with camp looks to get inspiration from and you all show up in plain tuxes?! The audacity! The unmitigated gall!

Back to Kardashian, though. Before she explained why West's look was so simple in the video, she wistfully talked about how this year's Met Gala experience is a dream come true for her.

She says in the video,

I used to sit home in bed on my computer, looking at all of the pictures of everyone, dreaming one day that I could ever attend a Met Ball, and never really even believing that that would ever happen. So, to be the cover girl going to the Met in Mugler is honestly the biggest dream come true. And I'm honestly so humbled by the idea that this is my life.

Well, this is, in fact, your life, Kardashian. And nobody can say she hasn't worked hard as hell for it!