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Justin Said He Doesn't Have A Cell Phone Anymore For This Reason

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You'd think someone as famous as Justin Bieber would be swarmed with phone calls and text messages, but apparently, that's not the case, because get this: He doesn't have a cell phone anymore. During the coronavirus pandemic, Bieber made a lot of changes in his life, and one of them is learning how to live without relying much on his personal devices. The news is surprising, especially considering how busy he always seems to be. The reason Justin Bieber doesn't have a cell phone anymore makes so much sense when you think about it.

Ever since he was a teenager, Bieber has been constantly jumping from one project to the next, but for the first time in years, he's had the opportunity to take a much-needed pause from constantly living life in the spotlight due to the pandemic. Because of this, he's learned to separate his personal life from his professional life. "It’s the first time I’ve had this much consistency and predictability," Bieber told Billboard of quarantining with his wife, Hailey Baldwin. "It’s really nice."

These days, Bieber doesn't spend all day in the studio anymore because he stops working around 6 p.m. to spend the rest of the night with Baldwin. To ensure they don't have any distractions while spending time together, Bieber doesn't keep a phone with him. He has an iPad, but he doesn't check messages from his team until the morning after.

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"I definitely learned how to have boundaries, and I just don’t feel like I owe anybody anything," Bieber explained, adding not having a phone has helped him keep his mind off work. "That has helped me to be able to just say no and just be firm in it and know that my heart [wants] to help people, but I can't do everything. I want to sometimes, but it's just not sustainable."

Bieber's upcoming album, Justice, which will drop on Friday, March 19, was also inspired by his time in quarantine. In a Feb. 25 IG, the star explained the goal behind his record is to "provide comfort" to those who may be struggling.

The pandemic has definitely been an unexpected experience, but at least Bieber is making the most of his extra time off.