All Of The Real Reasons You've Been Late To Work & Don't Let Your Boss Read This

Late again? You likely have an excuse, but sometimes, your reasoning strays a little from the truth. If you truly explained to your boss how time evaded you yet again, you probably wouldn't get much compassion in return. You see, telling them the real reasons you've been late to work would reveal a little too much about your prioritizing skills. It happens to the best of us, so don't sweat it.

You like being employed, but you also like hitting up a happy hour with your girls after work. You always say you'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for work the next day, but living your best life doesn't always align with your early morning responsibilities. The rush is real when your tardiness is the result of a not-so-excusable reason to be late.

To be honest, there are epic stories attached to some of your reasons for being late AF, and you don't regret that part at all. I can't say that your boss won't take a peek at this, so make sure to read this in the comfort of your lunch break room or in your car. Make sure they aren't within earshot either, because these 10 reasons are going to make you say "same" IRL.

You Couldn't Decide What To Wear

You like to dress to impress, but there's just one problem: What the heck are you going to wear today?! You tried on your favorite skirt and the new maxi dress you bought last weekend, yet nothing seems to be compatible with your mood. You're going to be so late, but at least you're going to look good doing it.

You Went A Little Too Hard The Night Before

Happy hours are so fun when you're living in the moment. But when that agonizing alarm goes off only hours after you rolled into bed, there's nothing happy about it. You are super dreading leaving your fluffy comforter.

You Didn't Want To Leave The Long Line At The Coffee Shop

Hey, it's not your fault that everyone is trying to get their hands on a PSL in the morning. You don't want to give up your spot, because you've been waiting for quite some time to get your latte. Let's be honest: You're going to stroll into work with your Starbucks cup acting like that's not the reason you're late.

Your Fur Baby's Cuddle Time Was Irresistible

You can't resist your fur baby's puppy dog eyes when you roll over to their cute little face in the morning. Today, they're all about snuggling underneath your arm. They don't entirely have a grasp on a schedule like you do. So, when they say cuddle, you cuddle.

And So Was Your SO's

Those days happen. You're so comfortable laying on bae's chest. The only concept of time you want is the beating of their heart, counting the seconds. Too bad there isn't a boo-loving exception in your job's employee policy handbook.

You Got Your Days Mixed Up

You were so pumped for the weekend, your mind opted for relaxation a day early. You thought it was Saturday, but it was really Friday. You're giving "Friday rush" a whole new meaning with your situation.

You Kept Snoozing Your Alarm

Your alarm is like that annoyingly persistent fly at a backyard barbecue. It doesn't stop bothering you, no matter how many times you swat it away. Silencing your alarm gave you a few extra minutes to snooze, but boy are you about to be grumpy when you wake up.

You Wanted To Finish Listening To Your Favorite Song In The Car

Not finishing a song that you love is tragic. You could have been sitting at your desk two minutes earlier, but Cardi B's lyrics are way too entertaining. When music calls, you listen (and sing your heart out).

You Lost Your Keys In The Most Inconvenient Place Possible

Losing your keys sucks, but finding them in the most inconvenient place is even worse. How in the heck did your keys end up in the refrigerator, though? You keep this little secret to yourself, because you honestly can't explain one part of it.

Your Bestie Called You

A convo with your bestie is never a dull moment, and sometimes you need a little pep talk from your main girl in the morning. You don't remember how talking to her is so engaging until you realize you were supposed to be at your desk 30 minutes ago. Oops!

Life happens, but try not to rack up too many excuses for being late to work. (By the way, your boss is probably reading this.)