The First Teaser For 'The Punisher' Season 2 Will Seriously Give You Chills


The first Marvel trailer of 2019 has dropped, and even though it's a short one, it provides some big, enticing hints at the action yet to come. The Punisher Season 2 trailer is here and it looks like Frank Castle isn't giving up his punishing ways any time soon. There are no faces or dialogue in the 30-second video for the Netflix series, but there is a reveal of one juicy bit of information. Remember that pardon Frank Castle got at the end of Season 1? The new trailer shows it getting burned and turned to ashes, indicating Frank Castle has no need for help from the president (or probably anyone else, for that matter). The trailer was paired with a tweet on the official Twitter account of The Punisher that simply reads: "Back to work." It's just the same old grind for Frank Castle in Season 2.

No word yet on the release date of The Punisher Season 2. The trailer ends with the words "coming soon," which could mean anything from next month to next year — remember how Netflix is making us wait a year and a half for more Stranger Things? Well, no matter when the full season drops on Netflix, until then, you can get a taste of The Punisher with the trailer below.

Since Disney is starting its own streaming service and Disney owns Marvel, Disney is slowly taking all Marvel content off of Netflix to prepare for the movies' and series' new home on the Disney streamer. The ties between Marvel and Netflix have recently been cut even further, with Netflix cancelling three of its other Marvel series last year: Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Luke Cage. So, it comes as a bit of a surprise that Netflix has confirmed The Punisher is coming back for round two. Who knows how long Frank Castle will stay at Netflix, or if his fellow Defenders will be making an appearance on the Disney streaming service, which will be called Disney+ and will debut later this year.

After the cancellation of so many Marvel favorites, many fans are questioning whether or not Netflix will eventually ditch the The Punisher like they did with other Marvel shows. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their trepidatious excitement about The Punisher Season 2, because after all, how long will Netflix and Disney let the series last?

There's been no word of cancellation yet, and it's unclear why Netflix has decided to keep this series around and not others from Marvel. The Punisher now sits alongside Jessica Jones as the sole Defenders series left on Netflix. There's no word yet on what the fate of Jessica Jones is, but perhaps that series will also get one more season before Marvel leaves Netflix for good. No matter what the fates of Jessica Jones or The Punisher are on Netflix, chances are their stories won't end any time soon no matter what. Between Disney and the ongoing comic book series, the Marvel Universe isn't going anywhere.