The 10 Places Everyone Will Travel To In 2018, So Steer Clear Of The Masses

Like most new years, 2018 is embedded with our wants and need to travel like we suddenly grew wings and could fly anywhere we wanted to. The wanderlust is all too real when we are starting fresh and have our passports in our back pockets. The places everyone will travel to in 2018 are going to vary, but for the most part, you can expect these places to be incredibly scenic, and they'll tempt your wanderlust like crazy.

We are so here for those travel bloggers who bless our Instagram feeds with their adventures. They inspire us, and many times, if we didn't see these places on one of our social media feeds, we might not even know they existed. The world is such a huge place, you could boggle your mind thinking about how much of it is still untouched by your presence.

We might not get to see it all, but as long as we get a chance to visit those bucket list places, we didn't make out too bad. Let that wanderlust get the best of you this year, and travel as much as you can. The world is your oyster, and these places are just some of the many pearls you could have the opportunity to witness yourself.

Šolta, Croatia
lpmagin on Twitter

Solta is an island in Croatia, and while you may not have heard it over the hype of neighboring hot spots in Croatia, it's nothing to overlook. The island, which is nine nautical miles long, is the serene and rewarding getaway anyone could ask for. In this case, big does not necessarily mean better.

Blue Lagoon In Iceland
thatbucketlist on Twitter

This geothermal spa is such a beautiful oasis. You'll find utter relaxation among nature, and literally feel at peace almost instantly. I could stay in this spa for hours, maybe even days, if I didn't risk getting wrinkly.

The Marble Caves Of Patagonia
thatbucketlist on Twitter

Patagonia is a beautiful area that spans about 400,000 square miles. The caves are not incredibly easy to get to. In fact, they can only be reached by boat. If you want to see Mother Nature's canvas of pure beauty that's untouched by man, you'll go the extra mile to make it here.

Iguazú Falls In Argentina
melia_rewards on Twitter

There is something about seeing waterfalls in different countries that make it seem like you're viewing one for the first time. Can you imagine having a hotel room that's not too far from this? Pure bliss.

Djerba Beach In Tunisia
mrseeyf on Twitter

Don't sleep on the many amazing traveling opportunities there are to be had in Africa. Explore and soak in all of that Mediterranean Coast. Also, keep in mind that where there's a beach, a party is not too far away either.

Granada In Spain
greetingsfr0m on Twitter

Oh, Spain. There are probably plenty of cities you've heard of touring in Spain, and Granada needs to be one of them. There's so much history there, you'll want to learn and know as much as you can.

Buddha Cave Temple In Thailand
travelvamos on Twitter

Thailand in general has so many Insta-worthy things to see, it's ridiculous. The temples, there are more than one, will leave you utterly mesmerized. For real, expect your eyes to stay locked.

Archipelago Sea In Finland
discoverfinland on Twitter

From light houses to adorably-placed houses along the coast, this part of Finland is a home away from home. I have a huge fear of kayaking, but if it meant seeing these unforgettable views, I'd suck it up and hit the water. You only live once, right?

Luang Prabang In Laos
global_gaz on Twitter

This ancient gem is filled with so much culture. Isn't that what traveling is all about? Fully submerge yourself in the culture and experience life a little differently.

Sahara Dunes In Morocco
guidetoubkal on Twitter

Imagine riding a camel along golden brown sand in the sand dunes. If this doesn't get your four-wheeler roaring, I'm not sure what will. A Moroccan desert tour will be only the beginning of your shenanigans.

Ultimately, 2018 would be such an amazing year if we got to travel to those places that are just waiting to be explored by us. Surrender to your wanderlust and pack your bags for an adventure.