Pizza Hut's P'Zone Is Back On Menus After 17 Years, Just In Time For March Madness

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

The month of March tends to bring a tremendous wave of Irish pride, overzealous warm weather enthusiasts wearing shorts, and most importantly, an intense amount of basketball fandom. And if you also religiously tune into the annual b-ball tournament, you'll be happy to know that the "official pizza of the NCAA" is bringing back their signature March Madness dish after a full 17 years. That's right, folks: The Pizza Hut P'Zone is back for March Madness 2019. Bring on the cheese.

The rumors about the P'Zone's return are true y'all, and to be frank, I'm in utter disbelief. A full 17 years after its debut, Pizza Hut has brought back the P'Zone, according to a March 18 press release. And if you've never tried one, buckle up and pop some Lactaid, because things are about to get real cheesy up in here.

I haven't yet tried the legendary P'Zone for myself — but I gotta say — it sounds pretty fulfilling. According to the press release, it's somewhat similar to a calzone, but it's taken to another level with a parmesan-speckled outer crust. Inside, you'll find typical calzone fillings, including melted cheese and your choice of pizza toppings (including Pepperoni, Meaty, or Supreme). For maximized dippability, it comes with a cup of marinara sauce on the side, and it'll only cost you $5. So, I think it's safe to say this is about to be a game-day staple in my apartment.

Courtesy Of Pizza Hut

Marianne Radley, the Chief Brand Officer of Pizza Hut, expressed her excitement in the press release, saying the chain is looking forward to being a part of March Madness, once again. And regardless of how things unfold game-wise, the P'Zone will be a guaranteed winner.

According to the press release, Radley said:

March Madness is one of the most captivating sports moments of the year. We are excited to bring back the P’Zone as part of our $5 Line-up during a time when family and friends will be gathering in anticipation and excitement. Even if your team doesn’t advance in the tournament, the P’Zone’s comeback is something we know all fans can rally around.

As of March 18, you will be be able to order the P'Zone at Pizza Hut locations nationwide for delivery, carry-out, or as a dine-in option. It isn't clear if the P'Zone is back for good,so you'll probably want to get your hands on one as soon as you possibly can.

Courtesy Of Pizza Hut

You may remember last spring during March Madness 2018, when Pizza Hut released their infamous Pizza Tops sneakers. They were red like the chain's signature color, and had a button that would actually order pies to your house. Sadly, the sneakers weren't able to order P'Zones, but I desperately wanted a pair nevertheless.

Pizza Hut is comin' in real hot for March Madness with the re-release of the P'Zone, and to be honest, I couldn't be more excited. I'm mentally ready for the game, but TBH, my stomach is so ready.