These Sneakers Order Pizza If You Push A Button, So I’m Never Wearing Heels Again

Alison Turka/Pexels

Have you ever wanted to order pizza at the press of a button? Have you also always wanted pizza-themed footwear? Well, now you can have both of those things all wrapped up into one beautiful shoe: Here's where to buy Pizza Hut Pie Tops sneakers, so you can order your pizza and eat it, too.

Remember when Pizza Hut perfume was a thing? This is so much better than that. Pizza Hut first released their Pie Top sneakers in March of 2017 for NCAA March Madness, and became the official pizza of the college basketball tournament. Pizza lovers and sneaker collectors everywhere rejoiced at the legendary shoe that could order pizza with the press of a button, but the celebration isn't over because Pizza Hut just dropped their Pie Tops II sneakers.

The second model of the limited-edition sneaker has the same pizza ordering button as the first; it's located in the tongue of the right shoe. The footwear is connected to the Pizza Hut app that I presume is already one of the most-used apps on your phone. Just press the button on the sneaker and minutes later (depending on where you live) two medium pizzas will show up at your door for $6 each (plus tax and tip, always leave a tip). But what will you do when the pizzas arrive, and you don't want to miss a second of the game (or The Bachelor finale)? Simply press the button on the left shoe and it will pause your TV. The future is officially here.

Pizza Hut Pie Tops 2.0

The shoes feature "cheese grater mesh" and an "extreme marinara splash" made of patent leather (not actual sauce). The sneakers come in two colors: Red (like the sauce) or Wheat ("like pizza crust"). It's up to you whether to wear them out in the wild or not, they're definitely meant to be seen, but my pair may end up on display as a trophy in my apartment, to be pulled out for the party trick to end all party tricks.

How Does It Work?

To order your pizzas, download the Pizza Hut app onto your mobile phone and set up your account with your address and payment information, and pre-set your pizza topping selections. The app will guide you through how to activate your Pie Tops and connect them to your phone via bluetooth. You can also customize the button functionality on the shoe and choose between pressing the button once, twice, or holding it down to order you pies. One of the latter options may be a safe way to avoid accidental ordering, not that a couple of surprise pizzas would be a bad thing.

The Pizza Hut App

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

The sneakers are able to place an order for your choice of two medium pizzas for $6 each, just pre-set your pizza selections on the Pizza Hut app. The shoes are only linked to this particular menu deal, but you can use the app as you normally would to order any other cravings you're having.

Track Your Order

Once you tap the tongue of your right sneaker to place the order, you can track your pizza on the Pizza Hut app. It shows you everything from when the order is received to when it's in the oven to when it's out for delivery. You'll know exactly how long until your cheesy feast arrives, and when it does, your left shoe can pause your TV. Boom.

Alison Turka

The shoes connect to most brands of cable DVRs so you should have no trouble linking them to your entertainment system.

Where To Buy The Sneakers

A limited number of Pie Tops 2 will be available for purchase on Mar. 19 via Hypebeast's e-shop, HBX, and the price will be announced at that time. Considering how much everyone I know loves pizza, you better mark your calendars and act fast come Mar. 19 to order up your pair.

Alison Turka

Some shoes were made for walking; these were made for late-night cravings.